*As he unveils DukaShops

By Egufe Yafugborhi

PORT HARCOURT – TECHNOLOGY expert and e-commerce enthusiast, Kennedy Ehimare has decried absence of effective regulations on e-commerc in Nigeria, saying such state of affairs robs the nation and stakeholders key benefits.

Ehimare, Chief Executive Officer, Duka Technologies, expressed the concern Saturday in Port Harcourt Rivers state where he launched own e-commerce platform, DukaShops, with assurance of ease of access and payment integrity to targeted users.

He said, “There are not much laws regulating e-commerce in Nigeria It shouldn’t be so. Go to other countries you see so many ways online networks are regulated. In Nigeria everybody does what he pleases.

“For instance, I don’t know of a Nigerian law for e-commerce that stipulates at what deadline a consumer exercises right to complain when an order is placed online. In other climes, it could be 30 days, some 14 or even longer.

“In Nigeria, the buyer is left at the mercy of the platform owner. In some countries, for any e-apps purchases you make, there’s an amount of tax you pay. Bloggers are taxed in others countries and the platform owner or google itself must remit that tax to government. In Nigeria it’s not so.”

DukaShops, he noted, is a multi vendor e-commerce platform yet designed for Nigeria for a wide range of sellers to sell their products or services online to willing buyers except for landed properties and automobiles which are no go areas for the for now.

“We’re not really out to compete but to feel a void and create opportunities for Nigerians. We noticed the Jumias, Kongas and other stablished platforms can’t do it alone, because several Nigerians out there still can’t find e-commerce opportunities to buy or sell.”

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