By Victor Ogunyinka

Resident Pastor at Kingsway International Christian Centre, KiCF, Pastor Femi Faseru, has berated Nigeria’s contribution to the global fight against COVID-19.

He described Nigeria’s approach as a “copy and paste” mentality. Pastor Faseru, speaking at the Sunday Life Class, at the Prayerdome, Maryland, also expressed his disappointment at the lack of progressive approach in Nigeria University Commission, NUC, adding that though it is a league of professors, they operate what he termed “jubilee ideas”.

“When the whole world is busy trying to put a final stop to the spread of rampaging COVID-19, Nigeria is busy with copy and paste.

“They go with flow obtainable in the western world.  “When did you hear that Nigeria conducted a research work on how to end COVID-19 and submitted to the World Health Organisation, WHO? It is all copy and paste mentality,” he said.

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Speaking further, Pastor Faseru knocked the NUC for not breaking away from the philosophy of the old in running the university system.

“Even in our education sector… I don’t want to go there, but I will. “The NUC still expects that you have about 250 acres of land before owning a university in Nigeria.

“Can you compare Nigeria in the days when Obafemi Awolowo University was established to this present day? How do we grow out of such mentality?

“You expect that there must be a building structure names School of Law (for instance) when schools are going digital, virtual with more efficiency.

“The NUC is full of professors surprisingly but they operate the jubilee ideas.”  He added that “Some of the curricula being run in the university system are old and almost not relevant in today’s society.”

Pastor Faseru also threw jabs at the medical sector. Speaking on surgeries, he warned that a good research and questioning should be done before going for a surgical treatment in Nigeria because “simple procedures have gone complex in our clime because of avoidable mistakes.

“Make sure you ask the right questions before going under the knife, don’t assume the doctor and the hospital are perfect. For instance, you need to be sure there is enough diesels because the doctor himself may not know.

“Ask and be sure the person operating on you is qualified to do so. It might be funny, but they are necessary questions to ask in this country.”

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