May 20, 2021

An exclusive interview with Myles Kronman from Model House Los Angeles

An exclusive interview with Myles Kronman from Model House Los Angeles

The internet and social media have presented a new type of organic marketing: the influencer. Business mogul Myles Kronman sees the need to connect influencers with strategically matched brands. Model House Los Angeles specializes in this sphere of activity.

Kronman fully understands the importance of networking and building solid professional relationships. Growing up in Manorville, known as the gateway to the Hamptons, Kronman launched his first business at age 11, selling gum before school. When he was 15, he was offering swimming lessons to the children of elite families.

While a student at Saint John’s, Kronman landed a prized internship with the hospitality company, the Butler Group, owners of the famous 1Oak Nightclub. Kronman’s job was to show celebrity guests the sights of New York and help them have a fantastic time. Here he learned the value of building close personal relationships and established a formidable network.

After graduating, Kronman teamed up with a close college friend to launch the digital marketing agency DigitsUp. With his background in economics and finance combined with his influential network, Kronman still felt a piece was missing from this intricate puzzle. Influencers were taking over the internet, and companies needed a new ambassador.

Kronman decided to bridge this gap by starting Model House Los Angeles. This organization matches influencers with applicable brands to create profitable relationships. Kronman sees the value in every person he signs and has launched many careers with these carefully curated matches. More importantly, it is an opportunity for creative minds to learn from each other.

Major companies can secure advertising at a low cost. At the same time, influencers can get a sponsor that propels their brand and presence. It is a win-win situation, one that’s made Myles Kronman one of the top business matchmakers out there. These relationships exemplify the Model House creed that working together is better than being out for yourself.