In today’s world, photography is a form of art. It acquires everything to be an optimal medium for ingenious expressions. Photography is very much significant in this world as it is a medium for emboldening several people to travel, relish life and live every moment merrily. With the rapid change in generations, photography has been classified into various forms. One of the most renowned and famous forms of this art is aerial photography.

Aerial photography involves capturing photographs from drones, or any airliner or other high-flying objects. Aerial photography shows an abrupt aerial view of any object, monument, piece of land and anything. Freshly we came across Akil Henley, one exceptional aerial photographer and social media influencer from New York. Akil has been in this profession for six years when drones and aerial photography did not have any recognition. He has brought about a revolution in the history of aerial photography and has stepped forward with an ingenious notion on photographs and the art of clicking them.

Akil Henley has changed the world’s conception about aerial photography, he is a high-profile and popular social media influencer with a big reach under his username Traveldronelife. Akil’s devotedness and intense passion for the art of photography have brought him grand success. Recently he launched an app that helps its clients in their way to find “influence” and create and edit various contents, photos, videos and surpassing stories connecting to the people and inspiring a wide pool of audiences also creating a community which brings together other content creators and social media influencers. The app is highly developed and garnered a total user of 100k in a bat of an eye. The app has a five-star rating and is widely used by millions of people.

Akil Henley has photographed from his drone in over 40countries and has served and worked with high profile business organisations. He has done drone photoshoots and collaborations for the Elizabeth Sutton Collection and also for the Diner en Blanc 2019 NYC. Akil Henley has been a highly esteemed and most acclaimed content creator and has gained love and admiration for his artwork from different parts of the world. His photographs show the essence of nature and depict how beautiful mother nature is. Apart from his utter brilliance in the art of photography he has been motivating and inspiring several thousands of young millennials and gives them the courage to think out of the box and excel in their fields.


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