A prominent Ijaw leader, High Chief Lucky Akara Gbeneyei has bemoaned the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Delta, saying  the party  had failed to reciprocate support of the Ijaw with development in their communities .

At a press briefing in Warri, Delta state, Akara who is the  Gbeneyei 1 of Ogulagha Kingdom from Burutu  local government area , the Osunminigbeke Tamara-Asain and  Whale and Independence of the Sea said  Ijaw areas had continued to suffer  neglect under the  PDP, stressing that it was high time the people  dumped the party..

Drumming up support for election of  the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege  of the All Progressives Congress, APC, come  2023 governorship election  in his speech titled : How the Peoples Democratic Party’s   led Delta state government reduced my Ijaw nation to cattle society in the state over decades : His Excellency, Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the only way forward come 2023 “,

Akara said he was optimistic Chief Omo-Agege  who currently represents the Delta central senatorial district in the Senate  will bring gains to Ijaw nation as governor.

His words, “The life of democratic government   seemed   to be no different from military government before the eyes of every patriotic Ijaw man in Delta State. Democracy as a system of government never meant well for us as a people of Ijaw nation since it returned to Delta State in 1999. Democracy and military governments are birds of feathers to the good people of Ijaw nation in Delta State. “

“The plight of Ijaw people from the hands of the People’s Democratic Party is indeed a highly catastrophic experience. The PDP that led Democracy to Ijaw land is more wicked than the Herod in the days of John the Baptist and that of Jesus Christ. A party on massacre mission to Ijaw land. Every community in Ijaw land is an accidental casualty of its tactics. A party that has come to calcify the Ijaw people in the state, and subjected them to third class citizens. The mind of every average PDP stalwart both at home and abroad is to eliminate the good people of Ijaw nation in the state from the face of development. Since democracy came to Delta State under the watch of the People’s Democratic Party, development is an unknown language to every Ijaw community.”

“The government of PDP in Delta State is a multi hydra headed enemy to both upstream and downstream communities in Ijaw land. A party that is deployed to extinguish the glory of Ijaw land using our outmoded sons and daughters on elective and nonelective echelons. The People’s Democratic Party is a out and out failure to Ijaw people that led us to where we are, retrogressively. Since PDP took over the leadership of Delta State, Ijaw nation has never secured access to the unfolded mysteries of democracy in the state. PDP indeed is a thorn in our flesh as Ijaw people. There is no story to narrate. “

“There is nothing to describe on the account of development from PDP led Delta State government to Ijaw land compared to the other regions in the state. This is evidently presented in the areas of: high level of insecurity in our water ways, complete denial of higher and affordable education, lack of hospitals and servicing health centers, lack of modern market layouts, total separation from the national grid, non provision of civic centers. The only civic center built by this red hearted party in Patani is of substandard, and non provision of good motorable roads. The whole Ijaw nation is like an unfavoured slave to his master. “

“The presence of the People’s Democratic Party in Delta State can never attract any meaningful project to Ijaw land. The Ijaws in Delta State till PDP is chased away can never boast of any of the above dividends of democracy. What a great ignominy that we became cattle citizens in our own State! Where are the locations of the three Delta State polytechnics? Is there any one located in Ijaw land? Let our face masked politicians and those who have been initiated by PDP from Ijaw land answer me. Where are the sites of the three campuses of Delta State University, Abraka? Is there any one sited in Ijaw land? Again, where are the campuses of the three universities currently established by His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa? Is there any one situated in our Ijaw land? Where are the locations of the two State owned Colleges of Education? Is there any one in Ijaw land? None of these was sited in Ijaw land. Again, as we speak, there is complete darkness all over the Ijaw land. Is this party (PDP) favourable to our Ijaw people? No! What a great loss, my Ijaw people!”.

“We the Ijaw people in Delta State have exhausted almost our energy and emotions in this unfriendly party called the People’s Democratic Party which has succeeded in paying us back complete backwardness with our decisive bulk votes and resources. The People’s Democratic Party as a political party is synonymous with darkness to the Ijaw society in Delta State. The more we support this party, the more we strengthen other tribes and regions to develop themselves at the expense of the Ijaw nation. PDP as a party came to develop other nations in Delta State, and not my Ijaw nation. “

“The government they (PDP) called prosperity for all Deltans is now a government for poverty for Ijaw people. A party that  believes prosperity in words for Ijaw people and prosperity in action for other tribes. PDP is a bad business to Ijaw people that came to blindfold our eyes and eluded away with our pearls.  It is party that led us to our present holocaust state, a party for thieves and etiolated political appointees, State and National Assembly members.”

“The good people of Ijaw nation have been suffering from the hands of PDP’s Ijaw warrant Chiefs recruited to impoverish the region. Many of these warrant chiefs are sleeping both in the State and the National Assemblies, while others serve as Commissioners, Chief of Staff, Political advisers and Deputy  governor.The People’s Democratic Party came to the Ijaw land with a disguised identity to deflect the Ijaw nation. A party that came to deceive my  people . A party  that has never stood behind its promises and words to Ijaw people.  A party  that  told us that they did not have money to fund Bomadi Polytechnic, but has money to fund three new state universities. Today, some of these empty brains in Ijaw land are singing praises to this anti-Ijaw party, PDP.”

“The time of PDP in Ijaw land is expired. The time of my Ijaw people to wake up to chase PDP away from our land is now, using the friendly and the people’s oriented leadership of His Excellency, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege. He is the man with the royal  ornaments  to deliver our Ijaw land from the osmotic pressure of marginalization and underdevelopment wreaked upon us by the callous PDP led governments in the state come 2023. This is the time for my good Ijaw people to play national politics. A time for us to have our  voice in the Aso Rock come 2023. “

“Thus, I exhort my entire Ijaw nation to eschew regional politics in PDP and start to play national politics in APC, as Delta Central is productively represented by His Excellency, Ovie Omo-Agege in the said national politics. His Excellency Ovie Omo-agege is a pride to APC family both at Delta State and the National level.”

“PDP is like a bad polygamous husband and ordering to Ijaw people. With PDP, there is no hope for us as a people. I have expressed my sincere evince over the atrocities and the wickedness of PDP to the  Ijaw nation. A party that has turned our Ijaw communities into debris in Delta State. Thus, we need to rise up now and extirpate of its presence in our midst. Yes, with Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege we can.  The only leader who has served his people in the spirit of clear conscience and love. He is a rare specimen of productive administrators. The only political crème de la crème in the vanguard of good governance among the leaders we have tested and tasted in Delta State.”

“The concerted effort required from my Ijaw people to exorcise our plights and afflictions in the hands of PDP is timely exacting. We should not allow PDP to continuing with their atrocities on Ijaw man in 2023. I need you and you need me to stop this nonsensical nonsense. With PDP,  we are already sold out. Where are our stadiums? They have almost sold all with the help of their brokers (politician) from Ijaw land. Today, Burutu stadium has become a natural habitat of reptiles and wildlife. Where is Ayakoromo bridge? Where is Bomadi- Ojobo road? There is nothing to write home about. Is this party (PDP) that have reduced us to a realm of pendulous melee  have the Ijaw nation at heart? It will be a very big shame on us in giving our votes to it any further. “

“The level of insurgency at the People Democratic Party’s behest on Ijaw man in Delta State is highly dreadful. PDP is like a Boko Haram to Ijaw land which believes that Western Education is a waste to the north. To PDP, development, a dimension of Western Education is a waste to Ijaw land, hence there is no need to develop the Ijaw land using our own household chaffs who called themselves political leaders in Ijaw land. With PDP, there can never be development in Ijaw land. With PDP, Ijaw has no fate in Delta State. “

“The government of Delta State under the watch of PDP is becoming an eternal threat to our democratic emancipation on a daily basis, having considered its incessant wickedness and marginalization to us as a people. For instance, the current distribution of two boat ambulances by Delta State Government on Vanguard, Thursday, 15th,  April, 2021 to six LGAs ( Burutu, Bomadi, Patani, Warri North, Warri South and Warri South West) is another peevish slap on an Ijaw man. “

“This third-world project by the PDP’s led government is nothing but nightmares to my Ijaw people in the state. What a solidified qualm of conscience against my Ijaw nation? It shows that PDP is an eternal curse on us. Is boat ambulance our problem? Are PDP and its apparatus aware that we do not have Doctors in our hospitals in Ijaw land compared with their sister hospitals in the north and central? It is on the  annals of bad governance in Ijaw land that PDP is an infidel to my people. It is too annoying to hear that two boat ambulances were commissioned to assist six LGAs.”

“ To do what? I believe, they brought them to carry sick and dead bodies in these medically abandoned LGAs. A government that has equated Ijaw people with boat ambulances, our highest returns from PDP over our votes and the mineral resources. This project won’t be applauded as index for prosperity for all Deltans, rather it would be frowned at by all well meaning Ijaws in the state. This is an acerbic truth.  I call on our topsy-turvy politicians, PDP, and its  warrant Chiefs in Ijaw land to come up with a publication to name at least two commissioned projects each from the five LGAs in my Ijaw land during His Excellency, Dr. Sen. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa’s administration to counter this publication.”

“The People’s Democratic Party is a scam to Ijaw people in Delta State. A party which ostentatiously addresses itself as Mr. Road Master and  Prosperity for all Deltans. Still in my volley,  I may ask, where are those roads PDP has mastered in Ijaw land? What is the percent measurement of the prosperity for Deltans to my Ijaw people? Nothing! It is a party which sponsors poverty and infrastructural putrefaction in Ijaw land.”

“A real squalor in Ijaw land. They have failed in their promises to Ijaw man in Delta State. Is this party not a scam to us as a people of Ijaw nation? Is this the  party we would still cast our votes for? God forbid! We are on ground now. No voice from any where can stop us this time around. We have decided. We have come out. Who owns Ijaw nation more than us? From where? Is it from the creeks? There’s none.”

“The right time is now. The time to liberate our Ijaw land from the expired PDP is come 2023. Believe me, with PDP our Ijaw nation is finished. They have taken all. They have taken all the higher institutions using our insouciant politicians who are ever ready to be their cows and herdsmen.”

“The People’s Democratic Party is dead on arrival in Ijaw land. But we didn’t know on time. It is not too late. This is the time to cremate it in our land. We have the volition to do so. A man from Delta Central will help us to do it. Let’s start from there since it is their turn to produce the next governor. He is our distinguished Senator, His Excellency, Barr. Ovie Omo-Agege from All Progressive Congress ( APC). He is the man. The very effulgent hope to all Deltans; the emblem of practical prosperity for all Deltans.”

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“He is a political scholar who has convincingly defended his dissertation on efficient and mercurial leadership with the help of the power point in creation of jobs, construction of roads, installation of Transformers, restoration of lost state assembly seats, establishment of higher institution, accountability, meekness, accessibility, diligence amongst others. He is a man for all Deltans. Google his limpid ethereal achievements. You must agree with me that he is the only man for the job. He is our next governor for all Deltans come 2023, if my Ijaw people want development. “

“The time for Delta Ijaws to protect, supervise, direct  and apply our votes particularly in any governorship election is now come 2023. We will start it from the next governorship election using His Excellency, Ovie Omo-Agege as a pilot test to obtain a very higher reliability coefficient since the next governor will come from the Delta Central. PDP has wasted us beyond repair. Its exit time has been overdue in our land. Now that we have come back to our senses, we will surely achieve it, if we come together and support the most competent leadership of His Excellency. The man with the skills and the sapience sophisticated to the task as governor come 2023 to take our dear state to its zenith point for all of us.”

“In 2023, Delta State is for Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege who has done all it takes to outface any internal and external opposition in the state. Thus, I also exhort the various tendencies in APC both at the state and the national levels to rend their garments of differences and speak one voice and live as a purposeful sangh to garner their resources together to queue for the most favoured next governorship gladiator, His Excellency Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege who happened to be a member in the party, qualified for the task ahead come 2023. We all know that His Excellency, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege is like a Joseph to APC as far as Delta politics is concerned. “

“We the Ijaws are ready to support him, hence this supplication to all and sundry, mostly in the APC family in the state. In 2023, South- South is ripe to be taken by APC, starting from the oil cashed up Delta State through His Excellency, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege who has inherited the love of Deltans. On this note, my Ijaw nation can never be left out.  We must support him, the catalyst whom the good spirits of good governance have sent to caulk all the holes in Ijaw land created by the PDP led Delta State Government.”

“With His Excellency, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege, there is a full assurance of a greater, bigger, brighter and beloved Delta State for all of us come 2023.”

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