Dear friend,

Thousand of Nigerian men and women, just like you, are now totally treating staphylococcus aureus, gonorrhea, syphilis and other drug resistant infections – without taking antibiotics.

And in just a minute, I’ll show you their secret, because…

Let’s face it. Many Men and women like you have lost money and their health to countless number of medicines sold on the internet promising many false claims.

I know how it feels because; I was once in a similar situation. After suffering many painful symptoms, my wife and I went for a test and it was confirmed that we had an HEAVY GROWTH OF STAPHYLOCOCCUS.

At that time, we never knew the big battle ahead of us. So we thought drugs like antibiotic and injection will eliminate it. But it turned out to be false.

Each time our doctors recommended high powered antibiotics and injections for us, we used them. It suppressed the symptoms for a while, then after some months the staph infection came back stronger.

Make no mistake about it… it’s not that the drugs (antibiotics) is fake. Instead, Staphylococcus infection have now developed resistance to these drugs and rendered them ineffective.

So what did we do that saved us from the staphylococcus infection?

You see, after several years of trial and error, and also wasting money on several drugs, clinics and diagnostic centre, we came in contact with a health expert that revealed the natural solution to us.

Without wasting time, here’s the advice he gave us that finally flush off the staph infection from our body system within a period of 1month:

1.Stop using antibiotics: Instead of wasting money on antibiotics, lots of Nigerian men and women testify that this herbal remedy and immune booster combo gang up to fight off staphylococcus infection and permanently remove it from the body system.

2. Eat foods like garlic, lemon, ginger, and honey that are widely known to fight infections, used as natural medicines to treat resistant bacteria and resolve chronic internal infections.

3. Take herbal medicines that help flush off infections from your body system.

Believe it or not, taking Antibiotics and injection can only suppress symptoms of staph infection, the solution is you have to take herbal medicines that will flush those bacteria from your blood stream.

That is why, the herbal expert recommended this modern herbal medicine and immune booster combo that helps flush off drug resistant infections like staphylococcus, gonorrhea, syphilis etc.

The best part is, the herbal remedy and immune booster combination are both NAFDAC approved, purely herbal ingredient, and also do not have any side effects.

Without wasting time, here’s the herbal treatment that
works to completely flush off staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections within few weeks of using it..

“Maxi Flusha herbal capsules”

Effective Natural Herbal Treatment to Completely Flush off Drug-resistant Staphylococcus, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Toilet Infections From Your Body System …Without Any Possible Comeback Ever Again!

“100% Natural HERBAL REMEDY for STDs and UTI”

The Maxi flusha herbal capsules have been proven to help fight and flush off drug-resistant STDs such as staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and other toilet infections etc.

It’s purely herbal, NAFDAC Approved and certified, and it has no side effects on you.

Both men and women can use it for herbal treatment of infections and stubborn drug resistant diseases. To be taken 2 capsules morning before breakfast, and 2 capsules in the evening before dinner.

Maxi flusha herbal capsules contains a powerful ingredient and extremely effective for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections and will help to boost your immune system to fight these antibiotic-resistant infections and venereal diseases.

You no longer have to bear the pains of the symptoms of these stubborn infections like discharge or drip from the vaginal or penis, burning sensation when urinating, frequent urinating, and itching on the private part.

Maxi flusha herbal capsules have a strong impact in your body immune system to help flush off these infections… without any comeback!

One of the main ingredients that the Maxi flusha herbal capsules contains is a powerful herb known as “Adansonia digitata” that can be found only in dry, hot savannahs of Sub-Saharan Africa.

One of the most well known effects of this powerful herb has to do with fighting infections/diseases and preventing it spread.

Once you start using this anti-infection herbal treatment, you will able to clear off stubborn, resistant infections and put an end to the symptoms in your body system.

You would see for yourself how far you have gone in helping yourself get rid of STDs and UTI without any side effects at all.

But don’t take my word for it, Below are actual testimonials we have received from people who used this Maxi flusha herbal capsules Anti-Infection Solution and what they are saying about it…

my fiancé was diagnosed of staphylococcus aereus, we tried several drugs but none seem to work for him to remove it permanently

until we saw your info online, and I convinced him to go for the MAXI FLUSHA Anti-infection capsules, with 4 weeks of using it now. He has done 2 tests and they came out negative. Thanks for this. I’m definitely recommending the products for my friends with any of such symptoms.

Janet – Ikoyi, Lagos

God is good! I had the same STD for almost 4 years and it caused me much turmoil and mental anguish. I tried several antibiotics but most of them were the same. After a week, the symptoms are back.

The most embarrassing thing is the constant itching of my private part, even inside my sitting room.

I came across the MAXI FLUSHA herbal remedy for STD and decided to give it a try as something different. I went to the hospital and the result came out negative.

Now, I can say I am healed of the STD. I’ve ordered some for my wife to use as well, I’m so grateful and want other of my friends to know about the product

Mr. Sunnie – CBD, Abuja

I had a concern that I have gonorrhea
my husband also gets a white milky discharge from the tip of his penis in the morning and some come out after urination.

we used 500mg of an antibiotic for some time, but unfortunately did not work

I stumbled upon your write-up online and with faith, I ordered for the MAXI FLUSHA anti-infection complete supply and we started using it

within 3 weeks of using the herbal treatment, the symptoms are gone. we also went for medical check up, and we were cleared. thanks so much easing our pains and saving us from this embarrassment

Anna (Warri, Delta state)


After browsing through your website I walked into your office to get the MAXI FLUSHA complete package bcos I lived nearby

I decided to share it with my wife, after using it for about 17 days now, the changes we got are surprising. For over 3 years, we were diagnosed with staphylococus and it caused serious pain and anguish all over our body system.

Now, the small boils all over my body and that of my wife have dried up, the internal heat is gone, and that worm-movement has stopped.

Am surprised that this same staph I treated with thousand of naira and did so many test and treatment in top medical centres in lagos without any good improvement, just using your MAXI FLUSHA completely cured us.

We have done another test after finishing the pack and it came out negative.

You really need to tell more people about this solution, bcos I know of many colleagues at work suffering due to stubborn staph. thanks so much and God bless

Mr. Uche (Alimosho, Lagos)


my wife and I order for your Maxi flusha herbal capsules, all the way from katsina-ala lga in benue stae, the complete pack supply, and we are happy about the results we got.

After our last test, we were cleared, so I decided to let you know that this product did well for us. I have recommended it to our doctor so he can tell his other patients that are experiencing similar conditions. 
am so glad to come accross your product, after spending heavily on this infection without any result. Thanks so much sir

Mr.& Mrs Nicholas (Benue state)

Just as a trial, I first ordered the MAXI FLUSHA for myself, it worked really well, upon several request from our customers in our pharmacy, and we are now buying it on their behalf,

Lots of them have come back to say the product is really effective for treatment of staph and other infections and totally cures it. I must commend your effort and work on this exceptional product. by God’s grace our pharmacy will continue to bring more customers for this MAXI FLUSHA capsules.

Mr. Simon (Benin city, Edo state)


As you’ve just read, these people have experienced cure and permanent relief from STDs and it symptoms after using the Anti-infection herbal capsules.

I wonder what happens when people begin to post experiences and testimonials on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

By word of mouth, there’s so much huge demand… my inner circle friends and colleagues picked up 43 bottles of the Maxi flusha anti-infection herbal treatment.

So, there are just 157 bottles remaining!

The anti-infection solution is spreading like wildfire… and demand is so heavy that most of the stocks are running out fast.

Right now, thousands of people will be seeing this website, that means the available stocks are extremely limited. I cannot assure you that you will be able to get it at the same discount price if you procrastinate.

So, go ahead and place your order now…

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Here’s a breakdown of the price (depending on the option you’re ordering for)…

2 bottles (60 capsules)


4 bottles (120 capsules)

(plus special bonus)

Yes, at this affordable discount price, you can say goodbye to infections, completely cure yourself of staph aureus, STDs and UTI, boost fertility and start living a healthy life.

So, go ahead, order now and start using the herbal treatment to get rid of staphylococcus, sexual transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections, and start living a healthy life.

Best part is, there’s absolutely no risk on your part.

Here’s what I mean: You don’t have to pay first before you get this product. We have payment on delivery option for you get the items. Once you place your order, my company sends the item to your state through our courier delivery service.

Once it get to your state, our delivery man picks up item and bring it to your provided address. Next, you collect your item and pay the money to the delivery man that brings it for you. No extra cost, no risk whatsoever!

Depending on your location in your state, delivery takes within 2 – 4 business days after you’ve placed an order.

Follow the instructions below to place order, and get 
 the products delivered to your doorstep 
 (payment on delivery)
This means you will pay for the products only when it has been brought 
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 Pay on Delivery Option Available to All States in Nigeria

Here’s How to Order for Your MAXI FLUSHA HERBAL CAPSULES Today at the Special Discount Price

Depending on the option that you are ordering for…

*If you are ordering for “MINI PACKAGE”… indicate the code “MAXI FLUSHA MINI PACKAGE” in your text message…

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MAXI FLUSHA COMPLETE PACKAGE + chiffon cleanser – N29,000

Here’s what to send to us…

Text the (the option you are ordering for) with the following information below…

that is, Maxi flusha complete package or mini package

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Please Note: Your delivery address must include (your street name, town, local govt and state). Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier delivery man that will come around to deliver to you.

You will get a SMS and Call from us within 24 hours to confirm your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.


Once we received your order, and your details are correct, you will receive an sms or call confirmation from us.

Your products will then be sent to our courier delivery and the items should get to you within 2-4 Days for nationwide delivery to other state, and 1-2 days for orders within Lagos state.

Note: The product will be packaged discreetly and no one else will know 
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Option 2

If you live in Abuja or Lagos, or nearby, you can also walk into our
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You will meet our team ready to give you these products at same price…

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Vantagesoft Marketing Enterprises

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Customer support line: 09027094039

That is all you have to do to get access to the Maxi Flusha Anti-Infection herbal capsules.

Take 2 capsules, twice daily, send in your testimonials.


Mr. Solomon – customer support line 09027094039


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