May 3, 2021

2023: Zoning makes election violence-free in Enugu – Nnaji

2023: Zoning makes election violence-free in Enugu – Nnaji

By Chinedu Adonu

As 2023 election draws closer, one of the PDP governorship aspirant in Enugu state, Prof Jehu Onyekwere Nnaji has called on stakeholders to maintain zoning, saying it has reduced election casualties within the state.

Prof Nnaji disclosed that election violence-free in Enugu state which is as a result of power rotation among the three senatorial district made the state pride of Eastern politics, adding that other states emulates Enugu

Nnaji, who is a professor of international law and global politics made this call while briefing journalists about his 2023 ambition.

“That is one thing that has given Enugu State the pride of place in Eastern politics because as you are very much aware the level of casualties that follow election activities are very much reduced in Enugu State owing to the fact that there is that gentleman understanding on the unwritten agreement where power shift from one senatorial district to another after every 8 year given the fact that a particular governor has to do two tenures.

“That has been a welcome development. I think that the next dispensation will still be the same despite that there are agitations here and there, that whether the zoning system should be abolished. Remember that even in the past when the zoning system still remained untouched that people from other senatorial district also contested.

“Of course, Like we said is unwritten agreement, that is a gentleman agreement. Not binding constitutionally on people stating that people from the other senatorial district should not contest. People are free to contest but based on the fact that the agreement has been in place, people believed that politicians in Enugu should respect it but we are not taking it for granted”, He said.

While regretting that political system has gone moribund and needs expert to inject fresh ideas to revitalize it, urged electorate to vote for merit and credible politicians.

“When things are done on merit, there is always opportunity cost. I know in Nigeria you don’t wade into politics when you’re coming from outside. Of course, for always seen from history that those who came from outside are always the best, who will bring innovations to the system because the system is moribund as it is. Fresh ideas need to be injected in the system to revitalize and make more wholesome the political system we have now.

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“But where people believe one thing that it must be money politics. Money must change hand, you must share money before people will believe in you. That is why we are in this very mess we are now because we have been doing the same thing for many years and we can’t expect different results.

“If someone came to share money and he gets into office you will not see result because he feels he have settled you. So, it is more logical to think that way. The best way is for him to replenish what he have disbursed during the process of election. But if someone works with you as a team and eventually you get into power, it becomes something that makes you a stakeholders in the arrangement. He have not paid you and it’s your own right to request for what is yours.

“I, implore the electorate not to look at money as a tent of voting for someone. If you believe in someone credibility, you should be able to access the person based on that and cast your vote and you will get full return in that regards. So, I think it is important for people to know that money is not the main thing but credibility counts”, He said.