Technological evolution has furthered disruptive technology, which for entrepreneurs means that one has to work extra hard today to enable their business to thrive in this new era. Nowadays, it is much easier to supersede old habits or products.

Just look at what 19 Keys has achieved by leveraging the tools of the age of technology!

19 Keys, a well-known author, speaker, visionary, and global entrepreneur, shares his journey to success and his future dreams.

He is a believer in the unlimited human potential, and he aims to help more and more people realize their full potential. His mantra is “slaveship to ownership.” Growing up as a Muslim of African-American origins, he had to face a lot of difficulties. He recalls how many people lost their lives due to poverty which motivated him to work harder and secure a better future.

19 Keys is a thought leader having followers across the globe. He is known for his relentless efforts in matters of wealth creation, especially to the youth. One of his initiatives has funded over 5 million student investment accounts.

He is also the co-founder of initiatives such as Shifters, BWO, Power Circle, and Goldewater 71. When people think of 19 Keys, they think of a self-taught 21st-century polymath who believes work is the cure to all our problems.

At one time, 19 Keys had a stable job that was paying him 100K. However, he decided to quit, or rather, as he puts it, “fired the job” to start his own business. Over the years, he has exercised his ability to turn complex business concepts into easy-to-understand ideas and created businesses that thrive even through fast-paced disruptive technology shifts.

According to 19 Keys, our minds require a regular update by changing our thinking pattern in order to unleash its full potential. He has also discussed this theory in his bestselling book “Paradigm Keys.”

A proper goal-oriented mindset is vital for achieving success. Given his success amidst the devastating global pandemic, where 19Keys managed to build a 7-figure business, everyone needs to borrow a leaf out of his book.


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