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Why your ‘Oga’ is hiding styles from you and what you can do about it

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Why your 'Oga' is hiding styles from you and what you can do about it
Kofoworola Agboola

By Kofoworola Agboola

“Knowledge is power”. This quote is seen everywhere, but only recently has it come to my notice just how powerful knowledge is.

Also, there’s another quote “practice makes perfect”, and if these two quotes were human beings, they’d be related by blood.

It is only what we “practice” that becomes to us “knowledge”

I have always thought that practice is exclusive to physical things, but what we practice mentally too, becomes what we know, and see as reality that is, what we are thinking constantly is what we are practicing, and that is what we come to know – good, bad or ugly.

Let’s paint the usual scenario.

You approach a tailor’s shop that seems to be doing well, a lot of apprentices on internship, they request for the usual stuff you need to bring for your training, and then you begin.

After a month or so, you notice your oga will cut the styles down before you guys’ get to the shop, all you received were instructions on how to join the dresses, you can’t even dare to ask for how the dresses have been cut.

You grumble and cuss, this is not what you bargained for, and yet you have paid – they probably have a no refund policy.

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You were frustrated, you need to do something fast, and I agree with you

However, before we talk about what you can do, let’s explore the mindset of your oga for a moment.

Hiding is mostly associated with fear and insecurities, the conviction that sharing will lead to reduction of knowledge is what has been practiced and known. “givers never lack” become mere myths when what is practiced and known is the opposite.

Your Oga firmly believes that sharing knowledge with you will reduce what he/she knows, competition is high, fashion designers are many, he/she is convinced that the skills he or she has is not enough, living in the fear that any of the apprentices will outshine her if she shares

In a set up like this and in other not to be caught in the”victim” mental loop, I suggest you begin to see your oga as someone who is in need of your compassion so that you can conserve your energies for actual learning.

Now, here’s what you can do instead:

Download pinterest and YouTube – two amazing learning resources. and create a learning time table that you will not allow yourself to disobey.

Now, choose a topic or style each month that you want to perfect and research all the videos, tutorials, info graphic, – everything you can find about that topic and put the ones you can into your time table.

Religiously practice just that one topic, and learn from other “ogas” how you can make the style, then make sure you sew as you practice. Focus on one style at a time and use your powers of concentration to master it.

Before you know it, you will outgrow your oga’s shop and your other seniors and if you are feeling brave, you can go work with more experienced designers as a tailor, this exposes you to learn more styles and help you become a Victor in a situation that could have turned sour.

To your success…

Kofoworola Agboola is a fashion designer, coach and consultant and can be reached on

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