April 22, 2021

Umeoji: An icon of progressive leadership and representation

Umeoji: An icon of progressive leadership and representation

Most times, the best preachers don’t own a church. Likewise, the best politicians don’t blow their trumpets, their achievements do.

Here in Nigeria, our image of a politician is that of a stately, pot-bellied man in Agbada, suit or Babariga who is promising us heaven on earth, while cornering the rewards of governance for himself and cronies.

Though this perception might have been proven correct over the course of our national history, it would be utterly unfair to write off any politician on the basis of his being one, without a critical look at their track record and their history in the affairs of state.

If you do, you will discover that on one side are men who are deliberate, focused, and aware of the problems facing a society before promising to lead, and on the other, men who happen upon public office by sheer luck of being in the right place at the right time and who consider politics as a means to reward cronies and avenge real and perceived wrongs.

Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji, a member representing Aguata Federal Constituency in the hallowed chambers is in the league of the former, men who knows the issues and ready to confront it head-on.

A man known for his convictions, an astute politician, humanitarian, philanthropist, goal-oriented, and dedicated to providing quality representation to his people.

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Hon. Umeoji has grown through the political ranks both within and outside his state and has established himself as the most deserving to replace the outgoing governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Willie Obiano.

Since his sojourn into the ever-volatile political space in Nigeria, Hon. Umeoji has consistently maintained focus, driven by a conviction and generated by a passion.

He has recreated a new way of doing things, demonstrated with Churchillian indomitability, and created an atmosphere that reassures his people by providing quality representation with responsive leadership.

Knowing the importance of Communication, Hon. Umeoji has never shied away from speaking truth to power and speaking up on various burning national issues. He is one of the most vociferous members in the house of Representatives and has capped it with a litany of Bills to his name.

He has sponsored a plethora of people centric bills which includes; *An act to protect senior citizens and related matters, An Act to amend the factories act and other related matters, an act to establish welfare trust fund and management commission, an act to establish and anti-bully standards in schools, colleges, and Tertiary institutions and other related matters 2019* amongst others.

One thing crystally clear for all is that Umeoji has painstakingly established himself and built a very close bond between him and the grassroots across his constituency and beyond. One must not look away that since he got elected into the house of representatives for the first time has shown the candor spirit of the typical Igbo man, quietly but continuously reaching out to various political divides across the state and has successfully managed various political interests.

As it’s said, no action stems from a vacuum. This also validates the age long Newtons first law of motion that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.

Hon Umeoji’s candidature is in the interest of equity, justice, peace, and fairness as the party has publicly zoned its November 2021 Anambra governorship election to his senatorial district for balance, hence putting him in prime position to clinch the party’s ticket haven worked tirelessly to keep the party afloat especially during the APC whirlwind of 2015

Let those who have lost legitimacy and credibility continue their quest to succeed Gov Willie Obiano bow out in peace or be disgraced at the polls as Umeoji will deploy his massive goodwill at the grassroots to see that he wins in order to extend his quality representation to the entire Anambra state.