Tsola Emiko as Olu of Warri designate is voice of Itsekiri nation – Iyatsere
Prince Emiko

By Jimitota Onoyume

The Iyatsere of Warri Kingdom Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe has said the Itsekiri nation met all the requirements before Prince Emiko was unveiled as the Olu designate in Ode Itsekiri on Monday.

Speaking against the backdrop of the allegation by Chief Ayiri Emami that only the Ologbotsere can perform such traditional duty, Chief Amatserunleghe who is also the acting Chairman Warri council of Chiefs and Olu Advisory council said all traditional rites were duly observed, stressing that what happened in Ode Itsekiri was the voice of Itsekiri nation

“What has happened is the voice of Itsekiri nation. Sons and daughters of Itsekiri nation have unveiled Prince Tsola as the Olu designate, you saw the crowd today. The people have accepted him and the oracle did. Iyatsere is the most senior chief and the Prime Minister. And today the Itsekiris have mandated the Iyatsere to perform his role,“ he said.

When asked if he got a court order stopping the ceremony at Ode Itsekiri, he said he did not receive any.

A Professor of Philosophy, Lucky Akaruese who also spoke to the Vanguard said most people citing the Edit had not read it. He said the Edit is clear on some processes towards emergency of an Olu and finally ends with Ife (oracle) divination.

Continuing, he said no court can entertain issues of Ife.

“They have not read it. Edit is a product of positive law. It created the process for the coming of an Olu. It talks about roles by some persons and then, finally, it talks about Ife (oracle) divination. Whoever goes to court will disgrace him or herself because a judge will not listen to Ife. Everything about positive law is rational and people can understand it. When you put Ife there you have killed everything about the law,“ he said.

Whatever they did at Ode Itsekiri is illegal – Ayiri

Chief Ayiri in a telephone chat with the Vanguard said all they did at Ode Itsekiri was illegal, stressing that only the Ologbotsere was empowered by tradition to announce the passage of an Olu.

“Whatever they did there is illegal. The only person that can announce the death of Olu is the Ologbotsere. It is only when the Ologbotsere is not around that any other person can do it. So whatever they did is illegal,“ he said.

When reminded that he had been suspended he said, “They don’t have the right to suspend me. It is only Olu that can suspend me. According to the law, somebody they brought to work with me cannot suspend me. He will be Regent when Olu‘s death is announced. They should go and bring the edit that empowers them to do what they did,“ he said.

“If Olu passes on we will let you know when it happens. This thing is a tradition. The Olu designate they presented is not an Olu designate,” he said.

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