Migrants seeking to integrate into and own businesses in Canada need to learn a few lessons about the dynamics of the society. This is according to George Omokehinde Peters, CEO, Prince George Entertainment, one of the biggest showbiz promoters in Ontario.

Peters, in his recommendations, emphasised the importance of integrity. “The Canadian business community is quite different from the business community in Nigeria. A business that will survive and go far must be built on integrity. A business that is having trust issues will face serious challenges. Trust and integrity matter to Canadians,” he said.

Peters further stated: “For example, in showbiz,  reputation is very important and crucial to brand building. In all my dealings, with artistes or fans, I try my best to balance my reputation.”

The CEO of Prince George Entertainment and other businesses, including Afro6ix Media Consult, New Points Logistics Inc and Points Auto Sales offered more lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs about running businesses in Canada.

“There is no room for time wasting here. Don’t procrastinate. Secondly, have goals that you must achieve daily, weekly and monthly. Thirdly, more importantly, hire good hands. You can’t do everything, therefore hire. And make sure you hire smart people,” he counselled.

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According to Peters, Canada is a society where marketing is of utmost importance. “Every company fights for its share of the customers in the marketplace. So, be prepared to roll your sleeves and do the hard work. There are no shortcuts in marketing,” he stated.

He also underscored the importance of education to those aiming to migrate to the North American country. “Having quality education gives you some leverages in Canada. I arrived here with a degree in Computer Science from the United States. That got me employed at Bells Canada, one of the biggest telecommunication companies.,” he explained.

Aside from running Prince George Entertainment and his other businesses that are flourishing, George Omokehind Peters went on to obtain MSc, with his PhD now in view. “Being highly educated allows you to take advantage of opportunities,” he avowed.

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