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Entertainment is one of Nigeria’s biggest exports. Everyone agrees that there is no shortage of talent in Nigeria. It is however important to identify and showcase the talent to the world. One of the platforms providing these opportunities is The Voice Nigeria.

The Voice Nigeria is empowering talented Nigerians by giving them the means to be discovered by people all around the world. While the show premieres weekly on TV, each episode is available to the world on YouTube. It is also improving the value and quality of lives by creating jobs for people who provide services during such projects. It takes a lot of manpower to bring such a show to TV screens.

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The excitement about Season three of The Voice Nigeria since it premiered on screens across the country is unprecedented. Many have spoken about the quality of production, impressive talent, the choice of coaches and the synergy.
On the other hand, the show provides a platform for sponsors to gain brand visibility, brand awareness and brand love. On the other, The Voice serves as a source of entertainment, an opportunity to discover new talent or calm the storm after a busy week.

The value of reality shows like the Voice is unmatched. The Voice in particular is one of those shows with many moving parts that creates multilayered opportunities. From the talents to the crew and all those involved behind the scene, the show remains a learning experience whose impact is felt across various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The opportunities are not short and talents are not the only ones with eyes on them. The show is an international format, therefore, enjoys a lot of attention not only for Nigerians in the diaspora but also many others. For instance the incredible opportunity for brands, coaches and talents to align themselves for more international visibility and interest.

Ultimately the show is providing a platform for sustainable partnerships within and outside Nigeria and Africa. And also an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Nigeria’s talents, culture and entertainment scene.

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