…says nobody can stop Biafra at the appointed time

…Those fighting over 2023 should first pray to see 2022

By Chinedu Adonu

General Overseer of Christ Foundation Miracle International Tabernacle, Lagos, Prophet Josiah Chukwuma Onuoha, has said that the entire Southern part of Nigeria and the Middle Belt region should go beyond the establishment of Amotekun and Ebubeagu security outfits to be able to withstand future security challenges in those areas.

In an interview with Vanguard, the clergyman warned that the above regions must come up with better organised, more fortified and sincerely funded security arrangements or risk the consequences sooner than later.

According to him, he saw in the spiritual realm, heavy attempts to run over those zones, adding that governor’s and major political leaders in those zones should brace up for impending attacks.

“Mark my word: Just floating Amotekun, Ebubeagu and all those security networks are not enough to contain impending security challenges in the Southern and Middle-Belt regions.

“They are good steps, but that’s not the answer for those regions. The security lapses across the country are part of long time agenda to Islamise Nigeria. That is why you here about Boko Haram today and the next day you hear about bandits or killer-herdsmen and all that. They have common goal and it would not be wrong to say that they are one and the same”, he said.

According to the Prophet, the current security challenges in the Southeast, especially Imo State, “is a massive grand plan to rubbish the good efforts of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) and use Ndigbo to destroy their home”.

While claiming that God had shown him those behind the crisis, Prophet Onuoha pointed out that only prayer and atonement for the wasted blood of many innocent lives will save the country, and urged the nation’s leaders to do the needful.

He also noted that the recent attack on Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State was a sign of looming deadly attempts on governors and major political leaders in the south and Middle-Belt regions, adding that Nigeria will have no peace except the imported alien fighters that are currently destroying the country were flushed out.

“Let those concerned save this nation before it is too late. What is happening in the country are part of long calculated religious war and moves to Islamise Nigeria country. Only prayer will save Nigeria. Let our leaders do the needful. Let our leaders seek the face of God and purge the wasted blood of many innocent citizens of this country.

“Let the power mongers who imported alien fighters that are destroying Nigeria seek ways to settle them and return them to where they hired them in 2014″.

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“The natives of the South and Middle-Belt must protect themselves sincerely and adequately because, although Boko Haram, Bandits, Miyetti Allah or killer herdsmen operate under different nomenclatures but they have common goal. Therefore, it is not out of place to say they are one and the same.

“I saw disastrous and overwhelming attacks on you and yours; you must seek God’s face!

“Mr President must declare official withdrawal of RUGA or Livestock Transformation Programmes or whatever they call it and embrace modern cattle rearing system that obtains in the modern world. That’s the only way to avert further crisis.

“Without that, the entire country will continue to sit on a keg of gunpowder.

“The leaders have refused to listen to divine injunctions and that is what is unfortunately killing Nigeria” he added.

Reiterating his earlier declaration on Biafra, the Prophet noted: “I had said it time and again, that Biafra is a divine reality which no one can stop at the appointed time.

“Biafra will emerge beyond human comprehension and without bloodshed. That is what God had shown me years back, and the message still subsists.

“It shall be preceded by a major occurrence in this nation, a situation that is akin to what looms currently in the spirit realm. It is a development that those in power would be unable to control; even their security personnel would become uncontrollable.

“God showed me a large herd of cattle running helter-skelter angrily and defying the owners’ control.

“This sign connotes an impending crisis that will defy all government attempts and to quell leading to heightened disobedience, disagreement and disorderliness among others.

On 2023, the prophet noted: “those making mouth and fighting over 2023 general elections, what certainty do they have that they will be there? Pray to see the end of 2021 and 2022 first.

From what I saw, 2022 appears like 20 years ahead.

“Except Nigerian leaders desist from mixing religion with politics for selfish gains, this country will never know peace,” Prophet Chukwuma stated.

The prophet who denied recent media reports that had credited certain declarations about Biafra and state of the nation to him maintained also maintained that he had hitherto, neither granted any press interview nor made any public statement since then advent of 2021.

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