April 19, 2021

Secret of successful skincare business -Adebowale, CEO, GlowEssence Skincare

Secret of successful skincare business -Adebowale, CEO, GlowEssence Skincare

Coming out of a year that was seriously blighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, not a few businesses escaped 2020 unscathed, and many businesses are still trying to find their feet even in the second quarter of 2021, but GlowEssence Skincare, continues to impress as a leading Nigerian brand in the beauty and skincare niche.

Adebowale Zainab Titilayo, the founder and CEO of the company, claimed the success of GlowEssence Skincare, is due to its diligent differentiation in the marketplace. “I give results, I solve different skin problems, I guess that is why my brand is unique,” she said.

Disclosing the inspiration behind the brand name, GlowEssence Skincare, Adebowale explained: “[The]Essence is to glow, so I felt GlowEssence will be a nice name.”

While the industry is populated by big-money brands, Adebowale felt there is no big risk involved in running a skincare business. “I found that there is no risk, as far as you know what you doing,” she asserted, and went further to ascertain her brand’s USP thus: “There are no health hazards associated with our products, and that is because every one of our product is 100 percent natural.”

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She further added: “However, no matter how perfect your product is, there will still be issues of unsatisfied customer. We value our customers so much so that whenever any customer issue crops up, we promptly try to solve it, and of course to our customer’s satisfaction.”

Prompted to name the company’s bestselling products, Adebowale said: “We do not have a single bestselling product, rather we have many and these include our  7 days herbal whitening soap, Papaya exfoliating scrub,  face creams and body creams and also our natural oils.”

To young and aspiring entrepreneur, the GlowEssence CEO offered a valuable advice: “No matter what, keep going and never compare yourself to anyone.”