April 2, 2021

Sal Rich shares 4 tips on expanding your business internationally

Sal Rich shares 4 tips on expanding your business internationally

Expanding your business and taking it to a global level is no mean task. However, investor and entrepreneur Sal Rich suggests making it easy by breaking it down into these four small steps.

To go global is ambitious. And there are only two ways it can go from there – your way or the highway. Things are most likely to go your way when you can identify the right moment to step out. You need to know why you want to go global – is it because the world is beginning to notice you, or the time has come for your product/service to make its mark? Your answer to these questions will help you turn your dream into a new destination for business. Or not. This is the most crucial step in your business’ international journey because if it plummets, recovering lost money and reputation will not be easy.

I would say that one of the first things to do when planning a global-level business expansion is to identify where to start. Once you mark your starting territory on the map, you must give yourself time to research the culture, get acclimatized with their economic situation, and develop an in-depth understanding of their market. The data generated can help you immensely when creating your advertising and marketing strategies.

If you plan to enter a market that is new to you as an individual, it is well-advised to put into place operations like customer service, payments systems, and things like that. To do this, engage with local experts who can help you cut costs and time. It will enable you to start your work in a new world faster and reach out to the end customer quicker. And as long as you are hiring local experts, reach out to a language tutor to help you blend in with the culture better.

When you ship your business to foreign soil, don’t expect someone else to establish your equity for you. To make a mark, you must make your presence felt. Be there where your new business is. It’s like giving more attention to the toddler than the older child, meaning your established business, who has become more or less independent.

With the right timing, planning, and socializing, you can give your business the push it needs to stands on its feet in the global market.