Recognition: Amuludun, Afro Jufuji exponent, launches maiden album

Abolarinwa Cecilia is a graduate of English Literature, Lagos State University, LASU, Ojo. Her literary ingenuity finds expression on stage— acting or singing. Then she becomes Amuludun, and for years she’s been rocking music lovers across the country in her unique fusion of Afro, Juju, Fuji and Waka sounds with her ‘Cloud 9 Crew’. Amuludun launches her maiden album, with the epigrammatic and poignant title Recognition, tomorrow, Sunday, April 25, at Heritage Garden, Garki, Abuja. She had a short chat with Vanguard.

How long have you been working on this album?

Since 2017. Besides other factors, I change lyrics and genres. At other times, I ask myself if I should actually do this because I was scared of rejection. But to my surprise, so far people have been encouraging me with calls, prayers and finances.

How many tracks are on this album and what’s unique about your sound?

I have four tracks on this album— Cornerstone, Recognition, Our Land and My Mother.

The uniqueness in my sound is my beat. There is also the special use of Ilu (Talking Drum). It makes the music carry various meanings. At times it’s pure fun, and then it becomes didactic, enlightening and addressing ills in our society. And I took my time with the lyrics.

I sing Juju plus Fuji. It’s called Jufuji. I do Waka style and Afrojuju, too. All these are combined in one style called Afro Jufuji.

Amuludun, is there a story behind your album’s title?

Yes, there is. The title is for the girl-child’s predicament in our society, especially when she is expected to be married, and she is not. Society refuses to recognise and respect such people as if a woman needs a man to fulfill destiny.

They are sometimes called names, especially if such women are intelligent, outspoken and driven. Destiny can only be delayed but can never be changed. The title track says “Ewo wa etun wa wo ooo, Tori ta ba lotan  koma  darin  yan  jiyan  ewo wa etun wa wo ooo” (Look at us very well, for when we are gone, there should be no cause for arguments).

What’s next after the launch?

After the launch, we are shooting the videos by God’s grace. We want the world to know Amuludun. It’s time for Recognition. In the next few years, alongside the promotion of this album (I will welcome any promoter and marketer), I will tour the county and beyond. There is so much to do.

I am not relenting. I work hard to improve every day to satisfy my fans. I also learn from my elders in the sector and people that look up to me.


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