By Juliet Ebirim

The next generation leader is someone who has premeditated or very intentional of what he/she believes politics is, says political consultant and founder, New Generation Africa.

“They would have to be someone that has receded from the set paradigm of what helping people should look like or the principles that a particular culture would’ve made them familiar with. It is crucial and extensive that a leader understands the power in developing and improving lives that lack the ability to hope.”

The youth advocate noted that leaders must be able to relate to the distress and pain of those they hope to lead and would have to experience and undergo through pain in order to do so.

Ogoloma said, “I remember working on a 2020 mayoral campaign in 2019 for Ex-Tory MP and conservative leadership candidate, Rory Stewart. He is a man who is Eton College and Oxford university trained, he also has ties to the MI5 and the royal family; just to outline his pedigree.

“I spent seven days with him living in one of London’s most socially deprived and high crime rate estates in Lambeth, London. An area where a lot of pressures are presented to the people within the community due to most of them not being able to see anything inspiring around them.”

Ogoloma however stressed that many structures are not put in place from proper parental care and little to no access to a life beyond their immediate surroundings, this is a problem leaders must solve.

“I said this to say that Rory opting to stay in a council estate is what today’s leaders should be doing. Today’s leadership must be about relatability, bridging the gap and creating social relations between different communities regardless of social classes. At the centre of all political shifts, I believe current and future leaders remain the pillar of what the world will become tomorrow.

Communities are built on imitation so it’s imperative that leaders embody this message of leading by example and relatability. Leaders must actively, like Rory, get involved in people’s lives and fight for what they believe in alongside them.

The Oxford undergraduate informed that leaders must have the ability to create and sustain micro and big economies. These economies must be diverse and include young creatives. “Creatives across Africa have been sidelined from conversations that concern them for years. They must get involved.

“Gangs and cults as a result of a generation feeling ignored and so therefore creating a counter government seeking to achieve power among the people. Despite young people being labelled as silent majorities, they should be given the hope to dare to dream beyond circumstances. A leader that can make a young person see beyond their constituency, beyond their own need and see building their neighbour as a necessity, is who I call a leader.”

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