Marketing entrepreneur Calvin Hamilton has always had a go-getter attitude when it comes to his drive for success. Since high school, he has been laying the foundation for his future success through hard work and dedication.

He explains, “By my senior year, I was the ‘Director of Channel Operations & Optimization’ at ScaleLab, the 7th largest [multi-channel network] on YouTube, and had helped and managed gaming influencers and organizations such as RageElixir, a YouTuber with over three million followers cross-platform; Eystreem, a YouTuber with two million subscribers; and SoaR Gaming, one of the most prolific brands in eSports with a network-wide audience of well over five million followers.”

All of these opportunities originated from one cold message Hamilton sent to the CEO of a multi-channel network asking if he could learn more about what the CEO did. Hamilton says that “Surprisingly, despite being 14-years old at the time, he said yes, making me the first person he brought onto his team as a talent scout for the network.”

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His mindset of taking risks and reaching for his dreams has brought Hamilton much success over his life.Now 21 years old, Hamilton is the co-founder of Engineer Influence, a boutique brand strategy and marketing firm that has worked with world-renowned companies and digital personalities. Hamilton reflects on how important mindset has been to him in all of his success.

“When starting a business, there are always a lot of headaches to deal with and fires to put out, and everytime you address one of those things, no matter how frustrating, you have to do so in a way that sets a strong precedent for your team. So, if you’re in a bad head space, there is no way that you’re going to be able to achieve what you set out to do without risking your mental health or relationships.”

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