April 17, 2021

Jeff Taylor Yauck shares his success mantra and why it’s worth emulating

Jeff Taylor Yauck shares his success mantra and why it’s worth emulating

Establishing multiple ventures and running each one profitably seems unreal, isn’t it? But not for me says the ace entrepreneur, Jeff Taylor Yauckn, who has years of experience in creating multiple businesses and running them efficiently without any major glitches. People wonder how is that possible, well, Jeff has proved it and stands as a fine example of how one can manage multiple businesses if he has the right approach and follows a time tested method which helps in smooth operations of different ventures.

Jeff runs multiple ventures and each have grown exponentially over time given his expertise in handling them. Right from manufacturing CBD products, beauty products, pet products and health products, Jeff has business interests in all and has been running each separate entity with much success over the years. In 2017, he established ‘PureKana’ which has become one of the leading brands dealing in various CBD products. Next is a brand called ‘PremiumJane’, which offers various CBD products in distinct flavours and potencies. It has a beauty products manufacturing arm and a pet products manufacturing brand by the name ‘Jane’s Pets’. Coming to the health and wellness business, Jeff owns ‘Oats Overnight’, which is into production of health food products.

Managing multiple businesses might seem difficult, but if done in a proper manner can bear fruitful results. Here, Jeff shares some tips which can make an entrepreneur ready to handle more than one business efficiently. These simple rules if followed diligently can help an entrepreneur handle multiple businesses with much ease:

Prioritize: Getting organized and delegating matters which need attention is one of the ways one can succeed in handling different businesses in a smooth manner.

Maintain reports: Data forms an important part of any business, and one has to keep the data of multiple businesses intact to compile the information as and when needed. Analyzing the data and making changes where needed can keep multiple businesses on the right path towards success and growth.

Delegate: Distributing work amongst team members belonging to different businesses can help lighten the workload and help you concentrate more on the finer points which are needed for growth.

Outsource: Work which doesn’t need your immediate attention can be outsourced to third parties so that you can focus on the core issues of the businesses.

“While running multiple businesses is not an easy job, it’s not impossible too and can be done if done the right way. Just be sure to think through the above recommendations before jumping into the task of handling multiple businesses,” concludes Jeff.