April 15, 2021

Inside the world of Beninese music maker, Horace Tempo

Inside the world of Beninese music maker, Horace Tempo

Horace Wangnin Saizonou aka Horace Tempo made his mark on the music scene by producing instrumental tracks to create a unique identity in the music industry.

He has teamed up with big name artists such as Kubla Khan and Shelley Segal in order to create hit songs. Judging by the popularity he enjoys now it is almost inconceivable that he started releasing tracks from January of 2020.

Before launching out as an independent artist, Horace Tempo was basically producing beats or instrumental and that informed the creation of his first musical effort titled “The Ride”, a powerful instrumental which gave him an ample introduction to the music world. “The Ride” was releasedm January 20, 2020. it has enjoyed over 30 thousand streams since its release.

With the euphoria of his first effort, the Beninese was simply trigger happy to launch out again. That enthusiasm and passion saw him releasing another instrumental the following month. His second effort

“Focus,” was released on February 14, 2020.

For Horace Tempo, it was a musical fire that exploded and in less than a week he released another Instrumental to assert his credential as a music maker albeit a beat maker or instrumentalist with a bright future. His third was “Self” and it came on board February 20, 2020. “Self” for Tempo Horace opened another chapter in his life as his wheel of change began to roll right on course.

“What inspired me was I reminded myself that if for a start I could release “Self” as an independent artist, then I have a calling, I am not just passionate, I am a chosen one. The one complex thing for me was keeping the listeners waiting while you were onto the work. As an independent artist or “up and coming”, you start with gaining listeners before having a fanbase,” he remarked

“Self” which was released in May 18, 2020 launched Horace Tempo as an independent artist and it was a possibility that changed the game entirely for him. After the audio of “Self” he has gone to record other tracks, namely; Logic featuring Poza Femi, Self TBD Remix, Upheaval and Searching.

Horace Tempo understands the power of collaboration and he has shown time and time again on his social media platforms that he is favourably disposed to exploring this possibility more. Although he shared the thought with his followers on Instagram, Horace Tempo has revealed the African giants on top of his list.

The names include but not limited to Saghohan Danialou, Fally Ipupa, Angelique Kidjo, Oumou Sangare, Any artist from GIM’s label, Sun El Musician, Wizkid, Don Jazzy and Diamond Plat aanum as his musical mentors.

Horace Tempo is currently working on his next project, a 10-track body of work to be titled “Sanity”. He said the tracks are designed with soothing sounds for listeners that are into Yoga.