As payment negates efficacy of security architecture

By Gabriel Ewepu – Abuja

As insecurity continues to be a nightmare to Nigerians, farmers under the auspices of All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN, weekend, urged the government not to pay alleged ransom to bandits and kidnappers following grave implications it may pose to Nigerians.

Speaking with Vanguard, the National President, AFAN, Arc Kabir Ibrahim, who lamented the negative impact of increased activities of banditry on food production and distribution in parts of the country, said payment of ransom encourages more kidnappers to go on with their activities to the detriment of farmers and other Nigerians.

Ibrahim who has been calling for defoliation of the forest used as hideout by bandits and kidnappers said the government should consider high prices of foodstuff in the market and hardship farmers are going through.

He said government should deploy technology in the fight against all forms of criminality in the country that has hampered productivity of farmers and other Nigerians.

He said: “I will advise the government not to negotiate or pay ransom to kidnappers because it has been proven that it really encourages more kidnappings thus far.

“I will encourage going after them, and bringing them to justice as it will serve as a deterrent to prospective kidnappers in the society.”

On the implication of payment of ransom will have on national security, he said, “It negates the efficacy of the security architecture a whole lot to pay ransom to kidnappers.

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“The security apparatus is clearly embarrassingly ineffective if it allows the nation to go down on its knees to negotiate with these riff-raft bandits.”

On his assertion about the new security chiefs following increased activities of kidnappers, bandits, and insurgents, he said, “It is worrisome that instead of these attacks to diminish they are escalating upon the appointment of the new Chiefs but I still have hope that the new Service Chiefs will bring this to an end given encouragement instead of condemnation.

On his (Ibrahim) recommendation to government on shunning payment of ransom, he said government should do all it can to discourage payment of ransom to bandits and kidnappers.

“The security as an institution must work properly and discourage the payment of ransom by arresting the perpetrators promptly”, he added.

However, speaking on the side of farmers as the farmers’ boss on the state and spate of insecurity as far as wet season farming is concerned said much would not be achieved if nothing decisive happens.

“The farmers in the North West and North East are still grappling with insecurity and so are not likely to change much unless something decisive happens to restore security”, he said.

Speaking on any expected government interventions coming to farmers this wet season farming, said, “The Honourable Minister of Agriculture is said to have had a meeting with some Chinese investors who are going to assist Nigerian farmers with high yielding seeds of Rice, Maize and Soya. We look forward to getting that help even though it contravenes the seed Act 2019.

“This is the mouthwatering news coupled with the news on mechanization loan from Brazil said to be actualized soon as claimed by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture during a media parley.”

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