April 20, 2021

I had a natural flair for all things social media, says marketing expert Ken Johnson

I had a natural flair for all things social media, says marketing expert Ken Johnson

It is very rare nowadays for people to have a social media marketing history of over 10 years. Purely due to social media has only taken off in recent years. Twitter and Instagram are still fairly new in the grand scheme of things. But, Ken Johnson is a social media marketer that is way ahead of the time due to his natural flair.

Ken was utilizing social media before it really took off. He was paid to influence people to attend expos and events and grew a large following on MySpace before the likes of Twitter and Instagram. Being so ahead of the game, Ken truly did have a natural flair when the social media world began to flourish.

His work was with Lucas Oil at the time, where he founded and grew their social media department. Although their events were promoted online, they were never promoted properly or marketed in the same way that events are now. Thus, Ken was ahead of the game.

Since his early years on social media platforms, Ken has collaboratively grown over 10 million followers. One Instragam page Ken founded was @gun, which he grew to over 1 million followers in just 7 months, which is super impressive.

Although Ken started his career in the traditional sphere of marketing, with events and expos. Now, he utilizes the top marketing trends to promote brands, such as influencers and multiple social media platforms.

With Ken’s early entrance into the social media world offering him a headstart, his natural flair is unlike many others in the industry. Ken seemed to notice that utilizing social media and the online world could help a business’s marketing strategy way before others. Hence, this concludes how he has managed to grow multiple brands’ social following and help to expand their brands.