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Six-foot Rachel Oluwabukola Martins better known as DJ Dimple Nipple got her biggest break into mainstream entertainment when she featured in Funke Akindele’s YouTube series titled “House Helps” as an actress. But her foray into the glam world of entertainment began as a dancer, a video vixen, and then ultimately as a DJ. Rachel Martins who has three unique talents of dancing, acting and disc jockeying had it rough at the beginning having to contend with all the knocks that come with making it as an entertainer. Of course, the storm is well over now but the Lagos Island native shares her story with Potpourri and every other thing that makes her tick as a woman.


I have a passion for three aspects of entertainment, namely; acting, dancing, and disc jockeying. I’ve always loved music and dancing was my first love. Later, I decided to do something unique which is dancing while disc jockeying. Acting for me is natural and innate unlike disc jockeying which I had to learn. My strongest talent among the 3 is acting because it’s all-natural and I don’t have to stress it. I became really famous through acting even though I was known and admired for my dancing skills which paved the way for my acting career. Disc jockeying is something I decided to add to my craft because of my love for it and I find joy doing it because it’s more than just music for me.

Unique selling point

My selling point as an actress is my beautiful face and physique. My vibe is different, you got to love my mix and my song selections, I have great taste for good music. I don’t just disc songs, I dance while doing it. No DJ in Africa does that. I’m the best DJ in Nigeria.

Journey into acting

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I used to be an official dancer for Hennessy and I have danced in most nightclubs in Lagos. I have danced at Club DNA, G12 Beach and others. Tiwa Savage and Wizkid used to come to watch me at G12 Beach. There was this time Tiwa Savage posted me on Instagram and it caught the attention of Funke Akindele who messaged her that she would love to come and watch me and Tiwa Savage told her and then to my surprise I saw her on another Sunday because G12 Beach only opens on Sundays. Then Funke Akindele called me and got my contact and that was how I got to be featured in the series called “House Helps,”

Life as a video vixen

The beginning of my career was as a video vixen but that didn’t pay off well because I was treated badly. The first music video I was ever featured in was “Give Me Love” by Skales ft Tekno in March 2017. When I got to the location on that day everyone was wowed, like, who’s this girl and they wanted me as the main vixen even though I was called as an extra. The girl that was called as the main vixen started acting up so I had to let her do her thing and guess what, at the end of the day the guy that was asked to pay us refused to pay me for my sweat.

First video shoot ever. I felt really bad because that was my only hope of surviving as at then and I was just 17. I lost my mom when I was just 15 and someone needed to sacrifice herself for my younger 4 beautiful siblings.


Sex is just a test by God for us to remain on the right path in life. Like you see some people committing adultery due to their spouse’s inability to satisfy them in bed and then they end up looking for something to always blame. Sex is also very essential in a relationship.

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Marriage is more like a life commitment and it’s not just something you go into if you don’t know what you want yet. Most marriages these days are due to pressure and most people in it don’t even know the meaning of “Marriage”. Marriage is not just something physical but it takes emotions and it’s also very spiritual because you are sharing a bond with a person. Marriage takes a lot but it’s not a lot if you genuinely love the person, it takes commitment, time, attention, giving, understanding, generosity, trust, loyalty for marriage to work.”


A relationship is a feeling, a connection between two people. Most relationships these days are fake and most times it’s just to use you. You meet some people thinking there is a bond but to them it’s the opposite. Relationships should have boundaries, trust and that’s why these days there are more toxic relationships.

Social media

All I’ve to say is that this social media of a thing is very powerful and anything you do there goes a long way and to God be the glory I’ve more fans outside my country with the help of social media.

I can legit be in Dubai Mall or a restaurant in South Africa and people will walk up to me and tell me they are huge fans and that they follow my series “House Helps” . Social media has really helped me in a positive way.

Turn-on and turn-off

I get turned on by good smell. I get turned on with the way a guy talks, act, think and walk. I also get turned on by his looks and how he cares for people. I get turned off by bad smell, bad attitude and when he talks too much, looks down on people or when he is rude.

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