April 19, 2021

Good behaviour, personality traits attract women to men — Psychologist

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A Psychologist, Busola Akinmada, says good behaviour and personality traits are some of the attributes that attract women to men.

Akinmada, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, University of Lagos, made the assertion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos.

She said: “The traits include being confident and self-assured, being charming and charismatic, being able to attract her with his conversation style, being able to make her laugh, among others.

“When a woman interacts with a confident, charismatic man, who behaves and acts in a masculine way, she can’t stop herself from feeling even sexually attracted to him.

“However, when a woman interacts with a man who lacks confidence and act nervously, she can’t stop herself from being turned off from such a fellow,” Akinmada said.

A 28-year-old bridal hairstylist Damilola Adewale, told NAN that she could not stand a man, who had no beard or broad shoulders.

“My real man is someone with a long and jet-black beard. I cannot even imagine myself with a man that doesn’t have a full-grown beard and very broad shoulders.

“In my opinion, any man that doesn’t have a beard is not a real man. Once I start playing with the beard of my male lover, I get excited, even sexually,” she said.

Damilola said she had turned down many suitors who lacked this physical appearance.

In the opinion of Cynthia Nwanze of Glam Studios, Lagos, most Nigerian men pay more attention to a lady’s appearance at first sight.

“Men perceive 80 per cent of information with the help of the eyes.

“Beauty is a relative, and every man has his own idea of it. Some think about other aspects such as cleanliness and tidiness.

“A special source of interest in the female appearance is the breast, ass, curvy hips and hot legs.

“Beauty, body and facial look can only create a first impression. No man will like a woman who frown always no matter how beautiful she is.

“She must be self-confident, feminine and aware of her own attractiveness,” Nwanze said.

Similarly, Ahmed Sakiru, a businessman, said what would arouse him to a woman forever would be if she had stretch marks on her buttocks.

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According to Sakiru, the stretch mark arouses him sexually.

“I am aware that a lot of men do not like women with stretch marks.

“I know a lot of men always get irritated when they see women with stretch marks; but as for me, I cannot date any lady that does not have those tiny stretch marks on her buttocks.

“It has a special way of turning me on,” Sakiru said.

Oliseh Odoh, a businessman in Lagos, said a lady with a big breast had his affection and attention any day, any time.

“If you have big breast, just know that the lady is my eyes. It is important to note that all women with big-breast are special species,” he said.

Kunle Olupitan, a corps member, said it would be difficult for one to explain the science behind what elicit attractiveness.

“For me, I cannot be sexually attracted to a slim girl.

“My woman has to be very chubby and when I mean chubby, I mean extra-large.

“I have had only two relationships and both of them were very fat and it was a beautiful experience,” Olupitan said

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