April 12, 2021

Bahamian Singer, Brettina Officially Releases Four-Track EP “New Day”

Bahamian Singer, Brettina Officially Releases Four-Track EP “New Day”

Brettina began printing her name on the hearts of music lovers in the year 2010, of which she has continued the streak ever since, raising the bar with every release and project. Born in Nassau, The Bahamas, Brettina is one Bahamian singer who is committed and determined to spread the gospel of her music.

Brettina, incredibly skilled in serenading her listeners with her sultry vocals has just announced her latest project- “New Day” EP release. Few weeks ago, the singer hinted on a new EP release for the 9th of April, 2021. This announcement was made after the release of her latest single, “Simple Pleasures.”

Speaking of her EP, she said: “The EP is made up of four songs – Simple Pleasures, Bop Baiye, Low and New Day. I’m hoping to release a full album in the near future.”

She pitched on the fact that this EP is only filling in as an intro story. She hopes to release a full album in a few months.

“New Day” is a song full of sunshine. It sounds like one of those tunes you could use in a “Lion King” movie. Her mash up of rhythms, lyrics and instruments is a really commendable one. Brettina is so blessed- she gives jazz a different meaning. You’ll definitely enjoy the atmosphere of peace that “New Day” exudes.

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“Bop Baiye” is the second song off her “New Day” EP. This would definitely give off a breath of fresh air as she carefully serenades and calms her listeners with this sound. She admonishes her listeners to allow their past remain in the past, not allowing it affect their present and even future. This is a direct representation of what traditional jazz sounds like.

Third song off the EP, “Low” is a vocal reminisce of old love. The strings from the lead guitar coupled with the rhythmic chords and kicks ooze out a nostalgic feel which is attached to the song. She describes how she is lost in the arms of her love interest- time loses its essence.

She describes her weakness in the presence of this figure of affection, “…I’ll just lay low.” She sings.

Her latest single, “Simple Pleasures” appears to be the fourth and last tune in this Extended Play.

Speaking of “Simple Pleasures,” she said, “we were almost done with a session and we were just sitting back. We were just talking. We wrote that song last year and we were just talking about the simple things in life and it went from there. In 20 minutes the song was done, and we didn’t think anything of it until this whole virus and everything happening in our world.”

The sensational singer sensationalizes her listeners as she describes the ease she feels in the presence of her man.