Says he has desecrated his office

By Johnbosco Agbakwuru

ABUJA –  THE National Association of Seadogs, NAS, on Tuesday protested in Abuja to press home for the removal of the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, Danladi Umar for allegedly desecrating his office by physically assaulting a security guard at Banex Plaza in Abuja.
The protesters gathered at the CCT office in Abuja, carrying placards with different inscriptions such as: ‘We demand Equity and Justice, sack CCT Chairman Now’, ‘ Say No to Elite Oppression’, ‘Say No to Judicial Tyrants, CCT Chairman Must Go’, ‘ Arrest and Prosecute CCT Chairman’.

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NAS, known as Pyrates Confraternity, also called on the National Assembly to initiate the process of removing the CCT boss for the alleged act of impunity and desecration of public office.
Speaking at the protest, NAS Area Mate (Area 8), Joachim Okudo, wondered why the CCT Chairman had not resigned from his position since the assault took place.
Okudo urged the National Assembly to begin the process of removing Danladi Umar from office.
He said, “We have come here as an organization that has fought for human rights over the years. This nation has come to a time where we must come together and make it work. We cannot continue like this as a nation.
“Why is it that when the law affects the elite it tends to be slow, why is it that when the elite is affected, the law tends to be as weak as what I cannot explain, this is about seven days since that incident happened, we are still here talking about the resignation of the CCT Chairman.
“Having desecrated that office, the honourable thing for him to have done in the last seven days is to resign.
“We are using this medium to call on the National Assembly to start the process of removing Mr Danladi Umar from office. We cannot have someone of his type to adjudicate on issues that has to do with the misconduct of public officials.  This is a time to say enough is enough.
“The worrying aspect of this is that the CCT Chairman seems not been ashamed of what he did, we would have expected that by now he would have shown some level of remorse but what are we seeing? We are seeing a situation where he is going ahead to justify that action, trying to claim the victim when he is not.
“We are using this opportunity to call on the National Assembly to start the process of his removal, he has desecrated that office.”
Also speaking, the President of Abuja Chapter, Zuma Deck, Mr. Anderson Oseh, described the action of the CCT Chairman as embarrassing.
He said,” We (Pyrates Confraternity) are basically here to call on the CCT Chairman to say that his actions on the 29th of March where he assaulted a security guard at Banex Plaza was totally uncalled and for a person of his level and position he holds in this country.
“Somebody who is supposed to adjudicate on issues concerning misconduct of public office holders shouldn’t have been seen behaving in that manner. That automatically means that he is no longer fit to be the chair of CCT of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and we are here to call those that are responsible to ensure he is removed from office do so as a matter of urgency.
“We understand that the President cannot sack him but the National Assembly with two-third of each of the houses can advise the President to have him removed. Let this matter be investigated on time and let justice not be delayed because we cannot have such a person sitting and adjudicating on cases that have to do with other public officers. It doesn’t make any sense.
“So we implore you the media to ensure that this message is carried out to all well mean Nigerians, we should join in this fight to ensure that Danladi Umar is removed from office.
“They are supposed to be five people, we don’t care, he can bring somebody else to take over, right now he has a dent, I am sure when he was appointed he had good character but now the character has been tainted, we do not have to waste too much time, we have over 200 million Nigerians, there is somebody else that can do the job.
“We should stop this charade of embarrassing this country before international community by keeping people in public offices who everyday send disgrace, send the name of Nigeria to the mud. Enough is enough especially with the elite in this country.
“They have been acting with impunity, this is not the first, there have been several other cases but today, we have to take Danladi Umar as an escape goat, he needs to leave that office, the Honourable thing for him to do as somebody holding that office is just to resign.
“What is in that job that is keeping him there? If he is there to do the right thing, he himself knows that he has done the wrong thing and should sack himself, he shouldn’t wait for anybody to sack him. Enough of this impunity.”
On his part, the Vice President of Sahara Deck, Abuja, Olamide Oni, said that a public officer was expected to conduct himself in a proper manner, alleging that the action of the CCT boss did not befit the exalted office he was occupying.
He said, “Basically we are here today to complain about the conduct of the CCT Chairman in the public. One of the basic requirements for people to hold this office is to be able to conduct themselves in a proper manner when they are outside.
“You all saw the video, you all saw what he did to that young man who asked him to ensure that he parked his car properly. The man acted with impunity, the man even tried to even change the story, there were other eye witnesses that came out and said that was not what happened.
“All we are asking for is for that man to be prosecuted. He should be brought to book. The minimum we require of him is to step down from that office and be prosecuted. We are today to call on all relevant stakeholders to act as fast as possible.
“It is unfortunate that in this country, when matters concern the powers that be, we always try to respond very slow but when it concerns an average Nigerian, the law will swiftly come into action, we want this man to be prosecuted as soon as possible possible.”

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