April 28, 2021

Ace hip hop artiste, Vile Tupain set to drop new song titled ‘Deep Sleep’

Ace hip hop artiste, Vile Tupain set to drop new song titled 'Deep Sleep'

The popular fast rising artiste, Onen Michael commonly known as Vile Tupain is out again with yet another single, titled ” Deep Sleep”. A new transformation lyrics that will inspire all members of society, both elites and others.

The new song is a real description of the struggles in society by every youth and grown-up who is set to shoulder responsibility without being a liability. It identifies success with determination and vision with mission.

The song which is described as one with the focus to change the narrative of music in Nigeria, will be released on Thursday 6th of May 2021.

According to Vile Tupain, Society is filled with youthful unrest that is borne from frustrations and discouragement by immediate environment which threatens every fabric of family coexistence. Thus the song was recorded out of a need to douse discouragement, reinforce and to rouse active thinkers to the reality that hard work still pays with God’s supports when talents and abilities are put to positive use.The song vividly pictures experiences in a typical neighborhood where anyone dares to succeed without letting go the dreams to meet identified set goals despite any setbacks.

The artiste noted that the record is a clarion call for all upcoming talented musicians to think outbox in educating Society with wholesome lyrics that inspires positive responses in their listeners as well as serve as reminders of where one emanates from.

Onen Michael hails from Cross River State and has been in the music industry for over a decade, having worked as Co-associate with several other celebrities mostly around the Lagos State environs. He is now set for the controlled spiral release of the mind-blowing song – “Deep Sleep”.