Former Golden Eaglets player, Abba Bichi, is not your average, ordinary and everyday footballer, whose very life existence depends squarely on soccer.

It’s an indisputable fact that majority of the footballers today or the retired ones, were predominantly from poor, average homes, which made living very tough and difficult for these players, some of whom were able to use soccer to get out of poverty while others were not that lucky.

The above analogy cannot be said of Abba Bichi, who by any known standards, falls in the bracket of a rich kid from a rich and privileged family background. Abba Bichi is the humble son of the current Director General of State Security Service (DSS), Yusuf Bichi

Bichi’s mother, Hajjia Aisha Bichi, a Fulani woman from the north, is a dutiful house wife and mother of seven wonderful children.

Abba Bichi’s religion is Islam. He is a devout Muslim boy

Unlike some rich kids from rich and famous homies Abba Bichi’s lifestyle is simple and easy.

He has not allowed his cult status and blossoming popularity to get into his head. He remains humble and charitable.

Having made his international debut in Brazil with the Golden Eaglets a few years back, Abba Bichi has fallen in love with Brazilian superstar, Neymar, whose style of play he wants to adopt.

He also wants to pattern his game around that of Portuguese captain, Ronaldo and Argentine maestro, Lionel Messi.

Abbas Bichi says he got his pace from Ronaldo, his dribbling from Neymar and his passes, vision, awareness with high intelligence from Messi.

Like most stars, doing well in their chosen careers, Abba Bichi is highly sought-after by a a bevvy of girls but because of his upbringing and discipline.

Because of the demands of his career, Bichi must eat well to stay in tip-top shape, making it imperative for him to chose his kind of food with care. For a northern Kano boy, the choice of amala will come as a rude shock to not a few people.

He also loves coffee and inexplicably can’t do without it. He loves the traditional Hausa rice and beans with red oil and hot pepper, that is grounded.

Being a footballer means he has to travel often, which in turn means learning new languages and cultures and having been to some countries in his fledgling football career, Abba Bichi is already learning how to speak Spanish and Chinese. He speaks fluent English and Hausa, which is his mother’s tongue.

Abba Bichi is big in style and loves good designers shoes. His collection of Nike shoes continues to rise by the day. He also has collection of Puma shoes

In terms of clothes Abba Bichi loves wearing designers stuffs like Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Aware that footballers don’t have all the years to remain in the limelight, Bichi Jr is already planning for life after retirement from active football play as he owns a sports based brand Bichi Jr brand, consisting of hoodies, shirts, shorts and slides. He is presently finalising work on a project to open a sport complex in Abuja which will be one of the best in the Federal Capital Territory.

The young Bichi is already doing charitable works in Nigeria. A natural giver, Abba Bichi does not shy from giving back to the society. To this end, Abba Bichi has founded the ABBA Bichi Eye Care Foundation, where poor and less privilege people benefit from. He also owns three football academies located in Kano, Sokoto and Abuja, from where the next generation of footballers would be groomed from.


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