Think of all that you know about real estate, what do you think about getting into the field? Do you know what steps to take to being a real estate professional? For many people, that’s their same reality.

Real estate professional, Antonio Edwards, understands this and he wants to correct that misconception.

“Most people think you need a license to practice real estate,” Edwards explains, “but a license is irrelevant in the real estate investing business. With the right kind of specialized knowledge, you can flip and/or buy real estate all day long, risking none of your own money or credit.  In fact, the wealthiest real estate investors rely chiefly on OPM (Other People’s Money).”

Since starting in the real estate business, Antonio has dealt over $40 million in real estate assets, and has travelled all over country as a speaker, appearing on shows across CBS and NBC, to ABC and FOX affiliates.

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Keen to share his thoughts on the business, Edwards has found ways to grow his business during the COVID-19 pandemic and show a resilience that has become a characteristic for him. Additionally, he has been sharing his strategies in his new Amazon bestseller, “Be You, Be Great!”

Sharing some of the most important keys to his success, Edwards points to five key points: Staying out of bad debt, buying assets, and not liabilities, being persistent, continuing to grow, and surround yourself with people you admire.”

“By combining these five traits,” Edwards claims, “anybody with the right attitude can start making money in real estate. The key is learning the ropes and measuring your risks before jumping right in; you need to understand your field and be able to play it like a pro before you turn your first profit.”

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