March 14, 2021

So-called sexual harassment just mere man-woman love relations ― Ferrari Okoro

At first sight, you would think you need to break the bank to have Tonia Ferrari Okoro sit and have a chat with you. But when you go closer and have a feel of her warm affection, humility and the sparks of electromagnetic attraction that emanates from her, you will realise you are in nothing but good company.

Of course, “a good company” might have got some naughty ideas into the minds of so many directors and producers. But when the question of sexual harassment in the movie industry was thrown at her she gave a new dimension to the question.

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“I have never experienced what you would call sexual harassment in the industry. What is sexual harassment?” she wondered.

“Is it when a guy asks a woman out? Is it when a man and a woman in the same job decide to date each other? The most situation we call sexual harassment are normal man-woman love relations. Has anybody raped or slept with anybody by force? If a senior colleague asks you out it doesn’t amount to sexual harassment in my own estimation. I have been asked out severally and I won’t call that sexual harassment. Anyone that asks me out and I say no, and he decides to take it personally, that’s his headache. I have got one honey pot and it’s not for public use. It’s a precious sweet part for a special person,” she said emphatically.

Ferrari Okoro has done a couple of films that got top ratings and thus has some good claims to fame.

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