The beauty industry is a billion-dollar sector growing at an exponential rate. It is a highly competitive industry but huge enough to let newcomers grow. The growth of the beauty sector gives rise to blogs and channels that provide an honest opinion about products launched in the market. Beauty Brite is one such company co-founded by Stephanie Fatta that offers stories and experiences from women and moms.

With the growth of the internet, many such creators or companies have received a platform. The increase of beauty products has given rise to beauty gurus like James Charles, Jeffree Star, NikkieTutorials, and Yuya. They buy a product and provide their honest review about it. The followers of such blogs then know not to waste their hard-earned money on a product that does not live up to the standard. The increase in people following such channels clearly shows there is a demand for such blogs. They have a loyal fan-following which can also turn into a customer base. Since the creators interact closely with the audience, they know what the beauty community wants. As a result, some of these artists also launch their line of beauty products for the community. Such beauty channels are showing no signs of slowing down and are, in fact, on a rapid rise.

Beauty Brite started the blog to share “Homemade/DIY” beauty recipes, such as face masks, homemade salt and sugar scrubs, homemade toothpaste, homemade cleaning solutions, and more. The advantage of doing so was that there were no industry-grade harmful chemicals in it. With the surge in traffic on the website, they decided to write reviews about the products they purchased with their capital. This blog acts more like a community in which they listen to their followers. The blog started as a hobby and has now turned into a small business for the founders. The reason the audience trusts the reviews is that it’s neither a paid nor a biased review. The attractive point about this blog is that it is run by a set of people and not governed by one particular person.

The beauty industry will keep seeing an increase in the markets. The markets will see a few companies that would enter to make a quick buck for low-quality products. Such beauty channels would act as a barrier between the customer and the company saving people’s money.


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