Automation is set to build the future, the developments that AI and automated technology have seen in recent years have been staggering in their innovation. Some people have made it their business to usher in this new age, by envisioning and creating the technology that will get us there.

One of these people is Bob Myers CEO of Pillar Technology a business and technology consulting company, and he is ready to help build the future.

Pillar Technology has helped to create autonomous vehicles, drones, and artificial intelligence. As CEO of the company, Myers is the visionary mind behind the advancements that Pillar Technology has made possible.

Myers shares that Pillar Technology is in the business of disruption; they aim to disrupt the industries of the companies they work with, with game-changing technological advancements. Myers confesses that he doesn’t do things by halves, his vision for Pillar Technology was to not only build a towering business but to also change the face of the industry it was born from, one piece of advanced technology at a time.

Myers has led the Ohio-based company to success, it now reportedly brings in up to $50 million a year in revenue. Myers shares that succeeding in business should not leave altruism out of your projections; Pillar Technology recently worked with OnStar a company that troubleshoots and develops internal car technology to increase the safety of cars on the market.

Of his desire to use the advancements of technology to not only innovate but also to serve society, Myers says, “Pillar Technology is using technical innovations to streamline the future and ensure that companies are entering the new digital age with products and services that put the needs of the public who use them, first”

Bob Myers has been aiming to change the world of technology since he entered it. As well as acting as the CEO of Pillar Technology, Myers has also been the keynote speaker at several technology-based conferences. Myers has also called for equality within STEM professions, He is one of very few companies within the STEM category that has called for gender equality in the study and practice of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Some people are content with just owning a business that provides them with enough revenue but others use their business to share their vision of the future.


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