March 22, 2021

I’ve Fulani blood in me, but there are demonic Fulani sent to destroy Nigeria — Prophet el-Buba

I’ve Fulani blood in me, but there are demonic Fulani sent to destroy Nigeria — Prophet el-Buba

By Sam Eyoboka

PRESIDENT of EL-Buba Outreach Ministries,  Prophet Isa El-Buba, has said there are demonic Fulani sent to destroy Nigeria, urging the Church to intensify prayers and speak with one voice.

El-Buba with his church headquarters in Jos, Plateau State,  in a broadcast on his Facebook page, said he had kept quiet for over two months because the Lord did not give him permission to talk.

He noted, however, that the Lord had asked him to tell Nigerians to prepare to push back the forces of darkness away from the land.

The pastor, who said he was a Muslim, an occultist and served the queen of heaven from his childhood before he gave his life to Christ in 1982, said he had no personal hatred or grudges against Fulani, being one himself.

His words:  “I don’t have anything against the Fulani because I am one myself. My grandmother is Fulani. I have Fulani blood in my veins. But I can tell you that there are demonic Fulani who have been sent to destroy this country. There are sane Fulani. But I am saying there are demonic Fulani who have been sent to destroy Nigeria.”

He noted that Nigeria was going through the most trying time in its life, adding that the country was in the hands of a wrong driver.

“Nigeria got into the hand of a wrong driver. This wrong driver has driven the vehicle of Nigeria to the point of crashing it and the occupants. I have cried out to Nigerians.

‘’The president has lost control of this country. He is no longer in charge as the commander-in-chief. I am just a voice that speaks on behalf of God. I speak for the redemption of the people.

“It has become increasingly impossible to travel by road as a result of killer terrorist men. Some killer Fulani men have been sent to destroy the glory of this nation. I want to say to every Nigerian that we are more than enough to end this wickedness.

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‘’It is time for Nigerians to rule. God will not come down to salvage Nigeria, He will only give us the power to salvage this country,” he said.

Referring to the recent kidnap cases, he said:  “Innocent lives are being toyed with. I feel for those men stripped naked by terrorists. We can’t negotiate with bandits and criminals. You can’t negotiate with the devil. It is time for us to correct the wrong.”

While declaring the launch of a two-million-man prayer movement for the redemption of Nigeria, he said:  “Let us not wait till 2023. We can’t allow these confused men to direct the affairs of this nation. Nigeria is the nation of God, not the nation of blood-thirsty men. We have a responsibility now to pray with a pure heart for the redemption of Nigeria.

“We trust in the power of the Almighty God. We must pray like never before. Through our prayers, God knows what to do. We should begin to pull our strength together. We need to pull our voices together. We don’t need politicians to go into politics anymore, we want leaders.

‘’I trust God that  in this year, we will produce the team that will lead Nigeria to victory. Selfishness will never save this nation,” the prophet said.

He wondered why the present government had been so insensitive, saying “in the midst of affliction, they are trying to raise pump price of petrol.

‘’If you allow anybody to take away your voice, your next generation is finished. You either face it or you be killed. I am doing my lot.

“I have nothing to lose. If I want to stay in my comfort zone, I will. But I believe God kept me alive for such a time as this. The fathers have paid the price, it is time for the sons to contend with the enemies at the gate. It is all about Nigeria. In 2023 wrong people will not be governors. God will give us leaders,’’ he said.

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