March 24, 2021

“It’s all about staying focused and to be willing to fail”, says Paul James Malczewski

“It’s all about staying focused and to be willing to fail”, says Paul James Malczewski

Paul James is a digital marketing expert who began his career with YouTube. He is also an established author, has launched his latest software DialHawk. The most basic technique of running an efficient business is understanding your clients, their choices, and their opinions. This is where data analysis comes into play. The assessed data then leads to custom SEO for a client. James is the expert who connects these leads from the audience to his client base. And DialHawk eases the detailed process of tracking clientele.

DialHawk is a call tracking software that generates a detailed report of the calls you received, the time frame, the person calling, the number of times they called, and every other minute report that could be instrumental in your business growth. In short, James accelerated the lead-generation scenarios for his fellow marketers and businessman. The software also includes a call forwarding feature that allows you to call back your clients one-by-one or simultaneously.

The whisper feature in DialHawk is an ingenious feature that leaves a custom message for the client on answering the call. DialHawk has taken the analytics world by a storm. A single software caters to generating reports, automated invoicing, and short call forms to track details. The design and development of DialHawk are exemplary. James has also included features like built-in Spam and dynamic number swapping. DialHawk clients also save costs by linking their Twilio account and benefitting from their ultra-low pricing. It starts at $0.0085/minute and only a dollar per month per number, which is indeed a steal deal!

Paul James shares an important piece of wisdom, “Focus, realizing it’s not how many times you fail. It’s all about staying focused and be willing to fail. I failed a lot, but it is only about getting it right once.” Paul James has had a tough life. It was not like things were waiting for him. He built himself up from scratch and never looked back, right from launching his first YouTube video to 200K plus subscribers.

Today, youngsters dare to monetize their dream, and Paul James offers the best he can to help them with their entrepreneurial journey. He shares information, tried and tested methods for his followers, and makes their journey a bit easier. Today over 300 videos old, success took a fair amount of effort for him.

Some have dreams of making it big, and some struggle to make it successful, and a few aim to build a legacy and leave a guided path for the rest to follow. Paul James happens to be the latter.