By Ayo Onikoyi,

Pretty, sexy and busty Peggy Onah has come to find her place in the competitive movie industry by sheer hard work and talent.

Unlike most wannabes in the industry who would pull off their clothes to flaunt what Mother nature has endowed them with, at the drop of a hat, Peggy would rather want to keep them on because she believes her talent rather than her looks should be her calling card.

Though she’s heavily endowed in the chest region, the Enugu State University graduate of Mass Communications hardly flaunts her boobs even when she would tell you they are her selling point.

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“Yes, I’m very busty but it is not something I flaunt at will. It’s my selling point but it’s not as if it has made way for me. For the jobs I do, I don’t even expose my boobs. I won’t say it’s my boobs that made way for me in the industry. I have only had to flaunt my boobs once or twice in a movie. I’ve had to refuse some boobs-flaunting roles for personal reasons. I want to work with my talent and not with boobs and if I have to flaunt it while I’m working, It will depend on the character I’m playing. It’s not as if I want to be getting jobs with my boobs,” she said in a chat with Potpourri.

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She said she has had to flaunt it in a movie because the script appealed to her.

“I was supposed to play a bad girl role and I used the opportunity to flaunt it because I’ve never flaunted it before. I had to flaunt it so that they’ll see what I have and maybe get similar jobs by doing so,” she said.

When asked what is special about her boobs as she’s not known as one of the boobs-flaunting actresses like Cossy Orjiakor, Serafina and others, she said she doesn’t have to but they remain her selling point.

“It’s my selling point. It’s full, cute and sexy” she said mischievously.

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