March 28, 2021

I love being an independent artiste – Angela Terry

I love being an independent artiste – Angela Terry

Born in Little Rock, AR on February 16th, 1985, Angela is a singer, songwriter, rapper and musician from Lonoke, Arkansas. She began playing drums at the age of 7, her musical development was influenced by her father, Anthony Terry.

Legendary A.T grew up listening to several of artists, such as Tina Turner, Sade, Lauryn Hill, Phil Collins, Monica and the list goes on.

She discovered her passion for singing at the age of 14 after hearing the “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” it was then ”Legendary A.T” began singing and teaching herself the acoustic guitar after being captivated by Lauryn Hill.

In march 2016 Legendary A.T released her first song ”No Hands” it was then selected to be played on ‘Local Luv Battle’ on power 92.3 Jamz in Little Rock, Arkansas. Legendary A.T released her first EP in 2017 titled ”Back To Me” and on September of 2019 Legendary A.T released her second album titled ”S. Murray (A Different Side)” LP.

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Her style is defined as authentic, chilled and eccentric. Legendary A.T has a story to tell and her goal is get her music out to the world in order to inspire and motivate people that she feels so many will gravitate to because of the real and raw content of her musical expressions.

Legendary A.T’s style of singing is described as laid back, smooth alto singer with a perfect blend of Sade, Phil Collins and Lauryn Hill.

Speaking about her music during a chat, she said, “Some of my biggest supporters are people whom I’ve never met such as Mr. Cheq; yet they support me because I create music that they can feel and relate to. I also have some friends and family who always support me and wish me the best.”

Adding, she said, “I’m a hip hop, RnB, reggae artiste but I’m also looking to start doing Afro beat music. I’m a versatile artist and I’d like to show my supporters and any new fans that I may gain, just what I’m capable of.”

“Most recently I received love from Busta Rhymes. He shared my music on his Instagram and I’m just beyond grateful far more than what I can put into words.”

“I’m an independent artist. I love being an independent artist because I’m able to have complete control over the music I create, and when it’s released. I also love being able to have full ownership of my music!”

“I’m also working with an Artist from Ghana called Forgyver Kemmy. A very talented artist and we have collaborated on a song called “Coming for you” that will be dropping soon. So stay tuned”, she concluded.

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