March 11, 2021

Human activities contributing to rise in greenhouse gas emissions ― NGO

Human activities contributing to rise in greenhouse gas emissions ― NGO

As countries all over battle to checkmate climate change challenges, a Non-governmental Organisation, Forum for Climate Change and Human Security (FCCHS), says awareness must be created on the role of human activities in the rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

Chairman, Coordinating Committee, FCCHS, Mr. Virgil Akama Onyeka disclosed this in a press release to herald the emergence of the group.

He said that the group which membership cuts across several disciplines and indeed all walks of life, including Academia, the military, Judges/legal luminaries, scientists, journalists, engineers, Doctors and IT gurus will raise Climate Change impact awareness to the level that evokes real focused result-oriented sustainable response action.

We want to share information and knowledge relating to the current and future Climate Change challenges, articulate the local and international solution scenarios, and lessons learned, towards actualizing the aspiration of the members of the platform, he said.

According to him “The Forum is an advocacy group, not a pressure group, and is composed of highly respected persons of impeccable people-oriented moral character, and human life and earth protection persuasion.

“By engaging in a robust exchange of ideas about climate change challenges and alternative ways towards their mitigation and adaptation, the Forum advocates safe community survival under the new normal.

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He said the Forum initially was the brainchild of a few individuals, and then grew in number by the invitation.

“The Forum has its roots on the basic tenets of service to humanity. It aims to be a force which voice is to be clearly heard in matters relating to Climate Change and to continue contributing contemporary views that logically fits current climate change discourse and solution scenarios, sharing knowledge, and creating awareness.

“The Forum has the vision of the implementation of pilot climate change driven projects; acting local to promote a global vision. The Forum will be embarking on several public projects including organizing one annual international conference on a topical Climate Change theme of national and international significance.

“We also aim to hold periodic awareness campaign sessions and presentations utilizing visuals, TV and news media interviews to buttress the Forum’s vision.

“One of the biggest threats we face today as Nigerians is the Climate change and its impact on human security. It is imperative that we stand up to its challenges and act on the lessons we have learned so far, or else the consequences are grim. Clearly, we cannot stop nature, but we can stop the activities that humans do that contribute to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

“Through the Forum’s awareness campaigns, we aim to enhance the nation’s resilience to Climate Change effects; and let our people know that Climate change is real, and that Climate Change isn’t just words, but a scary crisis that has befallen the human race.

“Besides, the Trustees of the Forum are carefully chosen, in order to assure national and international credibility, and are drawn from Platform members whose integrity and previous performance has been held in high esteem. Stakeholders cooperation has been heightened as the Programs of the Forum is run as an open book, and as transparently as possible.”

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