March 20, 2021

Health Commissioner rescues several children suffering from severe malnutrition in C/River

Health Commissioner rescues several children suffering from severe malnutrition in C/River

The Government of Sen Ben Ayade is strongly committed to the provision of quality health care services at the grass Roots, this will provide succor for the poor and underserved as well as rescue more children from dying of Malnutrition in rural areas.

Massive work is going on in several rural areas where a network of community volunteers and frontline health workers have been trained to identify severely malnourished children in communities and report same for immediate support and possible transfer to the nearest General Hospital or Comprehensive health center where they are supported to survive through intensive pediatric care.

The Commissioner For Health Dr Betta Edu who has special passion for rescuing the Down trodden recently visited NKO community in Yakurr LGA, she visited the Obol (clan Head) and also engaged with the chiefs and community Leaders  on the need to work with the health sector to overcome disease like diarrhea which we recently had an outbreak in Yakurr , malnutrition, malaria and other health challenges.

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As the state takes the bold step to bring a revolution in the health sector through the full implementation of the state Health insurance scheme, Dr Betta Edu has assured the people of NKO in Yakurr Local Government that most of their health issues will be addressed.

The network of volunteers led by Mr Paul Ifere supported the Cross River Ministry of Health to Identify several malnourished children in NKO. Mrs Stella Sunday who has a 5 year old son that is severely malnourished wasted, unable to walk talk or sit and weighs about 5 kg thanked the Commissioner for Health Dr Edu

for coming to her rescue. She recounted the pain of a mother watching the child gradually die because she couldn’t afford food, she has no job and her husband also has no job. She said the situation has become so bad that even the other children in the house are equally very malnourished but are not as bad as the index child.  “ I am so happy and grateful, It feels like God came himself to visit me today. Honorable Commissioner We really needed help” other families Like Ukah’s the Benjamin’s also have children 3 years old of age who can’t walk cant talk some can’t sit and appear wasted.

Over 30 families have been reached during the commissioners visit, some relief materials distributed to members of the community while the health workers around the LGA have been encouraged to do more community monitoring for child growth. While providing support to families and working on disease prevention in Yakurr.

Political Leaders and key stakeholders are encouraged to support their constituents to register for Ayade Care!

Together Let us build the health system of our dreams!