March 18, 2021

Gino Fracchiolla stresses importance of going extra mile to retain your clients long term

Gino Fracchiolla stresses importance of going extra mile to retain your clients long term

Starting a business on your own from scratch is difficult even if you are well-versed in your craft. You need business sense and intuition to make sure you don’t make bad decisions. Gino Fracchiolla has the business sense that makes him a true visionary entrepreneur. He is the founder of Infiniti Marketing Group, a full-scale digital media agency that specializes in public relations and marketing.

Gino started the company in 2018, and in the years since, it has become one of the fastest-growing companies for marketing. Gino ensures that total coverage of client businesses is provided by Infiniti. This includes every aspect of the business’ marketing needs. Gino believes in going the extra mile for his clients, saying that it pays off ultimately.

“At Infiniti, the first thing I ensure is that our clients and their brands are taken care of in every possible way before we worry about anything else,” said Gino. Born in Bari, Italy, he moved to the United States later in life and spent nearly 10 years in prison for trafficking drugs before getting clean. When he started Infiniti Marketing Group in 2018, he began to appreciate the benefits of going the extra mile for people who are starting out in their career just like he was. One of the best perks offered by Gino was reduced rates for consultancy so that it was affordable to everyone. “We are offering services that don’t just stop at product detailing but extend beyond simple social media marketing, and actually help a brand to grow,” added Gino.

Today, Gino is not only drug-free but running a firm that is in partnership with over 170 organizations and has a staff of over 20 people. His clients vouch for him. Even older clients have praised the fair treatment he offers and emphasized the equality that is applied to all his clients regardless of their social standing or influence. “I have been lucky to have had the use of my contacts who helped me in my early days when I had no clients. They helped me to acquire more than 200 high-profile clients. Because of them, I have a business today,” said Gino.
Gino helps people to reach their true potential. In fact, he owes his own success to the success of all of his clients.