March 13, 2021

Entrepreneur Justin Kimbrough: Being my own boss has given me control over my time

Entrepreneur Justin Kimbrough: Being my own boss has given me control over my time

E​ntrepreneurship is a more than worthwhile endeavor that has the potential to change your life. From freedom to flexibility, alongside the chance of higher earnings, people go into entrepreneurship open to the possibility of finally living life on their terms.

This is precisely what entrepreneur, pro golfer, and environmentalist Justin Kimbrough accomplished through his journey as a visionary and a business owner. Living life on his terms is his greatest success, and he values the gift of time-freedom above all.

Born in Arlington, TX, Justin caught the entrepreneurial bug early on. Starting his first business in high school, Justin recalls feeling moved to take risks that gave him the most significant return. “My first venture into entrepreneurship was at 15, but I started my first real business at 18,” explains Justin. Inspired by the highly successful penny stock trader Timothy Sykes, Justin found the lifestyle of travel, high-end cars, and freedom incredibly enticing. “To me, that seemed like a life worth working hard for,” states Justin. “With so much opportunity on the horizon, entrepreneurship seemed like a good fit for me personally.”

The CEO of ‘Save Our Earth’, a company focused on combating pollution and aiding reforestation, Justin’s businesses have centered on improving the outlook for the future. “Entrepreneurship takes everything you have. It’s a lot of hard work, and while you have to put in an incredible amount of time, you are the boss of where and how you allocate the hours in your day,” explains Justin. “To me, this has been the biggest reward because I can look at those 24 hours in a day and spend them exactly how I want.”

Whether those hours are spent working, or enjoying with family and friends, Justin maintains that time-freedom is a payout worth the risk. “There are no guarantees when you are your own boss,” says Justin. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but the only thing you can count on is being in control of your time. Effectively using that time professionally and personally is a critical driver towards success.” Justin believes that if there is anything that can truly improve our quality of life, it is time-freedom.

With environmentally conscious and forward-thinking companies on his agenda, Justin maintains that positive change for the future lies in not only what we are selling but also in how we are working. “Our environment matters a lot,” states Justin. “We have to look past the external factors and focus on our lifestyles as well. Control over time gives us a better standard of living simply by freeing us up to do what we believe in.” With exceeding gratitude for time-freedom, Justin continues to pave the way for younger entrepreneurs to take control of their lives.