March 12, 2021

DELSU must reverse school fees hike or get ready for our protests — Urhobo Youths

DELSU must reverse school fees hike or get ready for our protests — Urhobo Youths

The leadership of Ukoko re Okugbe re Ighere re Urhobo popularly known as Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide under the leadership of Activist Kelly Efemena Umukoro has said that “the increment in fees at the Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka by the management is “man’s wickedness to man and at such it is hereby rejected by all Urhobo youths worldwide and well meaning Deltans whom are lovers of education,” saying it must be reversed or they would mobilize to stage a mass protest.

According to the group, “Urhobo Youths would not stay akimbo while things go wrong,” adding “that the increment calls for the mother of all protest in the state because education is a right and not a privilege.”

Continuing, the youth group said: “The increment is a deliberate attempt to deprive poor Deltans the right to education and a gateway to produce thousands of university dropouts because if the increment stays not all parents would be able to foot the bill.”

“We’re also not unaware of a speculation opining that the increment in the fees in DELSU is a deliberate act to create a soft landing for the newly established Universities which would be made cheaper when kick started.

“However we at the UPU youthwing are studying the situation technically and we shall not fail to do the needful alongside other well meaning Deltans to call for the reversal of the the fees because an injury to one is an injury to all.

“It is worthy of note that the leadership of the UPU youthwing as led by the president, Comr Umukoro Efemena Kelly with other critical stakeholders has opened discussion with the management and other critical stakeholders to see that the increment is reversed without moving to the last C of aluta which is confrontation but failure by the management to reverse the fees shall meet a very stiff resistance as numerous groups and Delta citizens including parents and guardians are all interested in an outright reversal of the fees,” the statement said

“That there is no gain increasing fees when the Delta state government just established fresh three Universities which is a pointer that the state government are more than capable in funding the existing institution hence the establishment of the new ones.

“At the refusal of the Delsu management as led by the Vice Chancellor to reverse the hike outrightly citizens, youths and students and a larger members of the society shall have no other option than to resort to peaceful demonstration because the increment affects literally every individuals,” UPU added.