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The Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice, ANEEJ, Thursday, released performance ranking report of 113 Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies in 2020.

ANEEJ explained that the ranking was done through the implementation of the Civil Society Advocacy to Support Anti-corruption and Rule of Law in Nigeria, CASARN, on the performance of public institutions on the Nigeria Open Contracting Portal, NOCOPO.

According to the Executive Director, ANEEJ, Rev David Ugolor, the CASARN project is part of the implementation of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (ROLAC) Programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council, while ANEEJ is implementing the CASARN project with five other partners.

Ugolor also added that the the goal of the CASARN project is to enhance governance in Nigeria by contributing to the fight against corruption, strengthen the rule of law and the protection of human rights by reinforcing prevention mechanisms and enhancing civil society and public engagement in the fight against corruption.

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The expected outcomes include; Improved oversight, transparency and accountability in the management of resources, and; Enhanced civil society and public engagement and participation in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

He said: “The ranking covered two fiscal years period of 2018-2019, specifically 2018 records and 2019 procurement plan of 173 MDAs currently published on NOCOPO.

“The Ranking was calculated between July 15th -20th August 2020, the implication is that MDAs whose information was not uploaded and available for public viewing within this time frame was not included in the ranking.

“A total of 113 Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) were assessed or evaluated out of the over 173 MDAs on the Open Data Segment of the Nigerian  Open Contracting Portal (NOCOPO).

“The Ranking was designed to cover 2018 procurement records and 2019 procurement Plan and only evaluated data published on the NOCOPO platform by these MDAs and in line with the 2018 circulars issued by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

“Out of the 113 MDAs assessed, 34 MDAs scored between 13 to 19 points which earned such MDAs the green colour. These MDAs had ‘Substantial compliant’ status. An MDA is substantially compliant when substantial data among all relevant procurement data across the stage it is being graded are published on the Nigeria Open Contracting portal (NOCOPO).

“Only 1 MDA earned the yellow colour classified as ‘Partial Compliant’ and scored 9.67, which fall between 8 – 12.99. An MDA is partially compliant when some data across the stages being assessed are partly published.

“A total of 79 MDAs scored between to 0 – 7.99 points and earned the Red colour classified as ‘Not Compliant’. An MDA is not compliant when it fails to publish procurement data on NOCOPO portal. Green: An MDA gets green when its completeness index is between 13-19 points. Yellow: An MDA gets yellow when its completeness index is between 8-12.99 points. Red: An MDA gets red when its completeness index is between 0-7.99.”

However, he (Ugolor) explained the step by step procedures used for the ranking, which include sourcing available procurement records and information data (across the 5 stages of procurement) on the Nigeria Open Contracting Portal (NOCOPO); The mined datasets were analyzed (using data analysis tools) and aggregated on an excel sheet before the computation; and the initial ranking was computed in a Microsoft excel sheet and presented to stakeholders during a validation session for feedback.

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