March 6, 2021

Accord party candidate, Saheed Ajadi gives out cash gift to 30 widows

Accord party candidate, Saheed Ajadi gives out cash gift to 30 widows

By Ephraim Oseji

The candidate of Accord party in the 2019 governorship election in Oyo State, Hon. Saheed Adegboyega Ajadi has empowered not less than 30 widows with cash gift in his local government, Ibadan North East Local Government.

According to the financial expert, the empowerment was to alleviate the suffering of people particularly the aged and widows in Oyo State. The programme was held at his Ibadan residence located at Green Springs Area, Old-Ife Road. Hon. Ajadi, said “I organize this programme to alleviate poverty, people are suffering too much and there is nobody to help them, so I have to give back to them from the little I have. As you can see, they are widows who don’t have husbands, they will pay rent, feed and cloth and pay school fees of their children.”

He emphasized that Oyo State government has failed in its responsibility to create enabling environment for the widows, aged and youths to survive.

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While revealing his plans for the aged, widows and downtrodden in Oyo State, Ajadi said that he would create avenue where children of the poor can survive and become important personalities through good education, healthcare and infrastructure development policies.

He therefore called on Accord party loyalists and people of the state to join hands with him to liberate the Oyo State from the shackles of poverty, and mismanagement, while assuring that the gesture would be extended to other local government areas in the state.

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