February 19, 2021

Yvenson Israel shares his secrets for achieving financial freedom

Yvenson Israel shares his secrets for achieving financial freedom

From depositing $100 at the ATM only for his bank account balance to reflect $3 to now being a multi-millionaire, Vince’s career journey has been anything but linear.

Growing up the oldest of three children to a single mother, financial freedom seemed to Vince like an unattainable goal. He got his first job at the age of 16 in hopes of supporting his family.

However, as he researched potential career opportunities, he realized that he would need to pursue other endeavors in order to achieve the lifestyle he desired. He explains, “One word I kept hearing over and over was ‘own.’ I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to own something.”

To that end, Vince began to look for new opportunities. After a few years of working from home, he discovered Amazon drop-shipping and his career skyrocketed. “Amazon is a household name and ecommerce market share is projected to increase over the next several years,” he says. “This business truly provides the laptop lifestyle.”

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Vince has spent the last six years coaching and managing Amazon accounts for clients. He has scaled his small team of only three virtual assistants to a team of over 400, running several hundred stores which do $6-10 million in sales each month.

“Unlike most entrepreneurs, I don’t jump from one project to another,” Vince explains. “I would much rather take something and scale it until I can’t anymore.”

Today, Vince is passionate about passing down the lessons he has learned in order to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs as possible. He has created a virtual mastermind where he teaches students the steps, he took to build a multiple 7-figure E-COM business.

He also shares the ups and downs of his journey on social media through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. His greatest advice for his students and followers? “Any successful entrepreneur will tell you mindset is key. You cannot run a successful business with a negative attitude. Thoughts become things. With any business there will be obstacles, but having the right mindset will help you navigate those obstacles.”

He continues, “As entrepreneurs, we all start out with a goal in mind to make money. Then we realize it’s much bigger than us. At this point, I have more than enough money. Helping people is what makes my day.”