By Gabriel Olawale

Top businessman and philanthropist, Dr. Oladimeji Oganla has been selected together with 99 others as the Most Reputable Youths (Ọmọluabi pàtàkì ipinle ogun) in Ogun State for year 2020.

Oladimeji, who is the Founder and Principal Consultant with Panacea Group and also the Founder of Dimeji Oganla Initiative for new Growth (DOING) expressed his gratitude to the Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW), Ogun State Council for the recognition he was given.

“It is indeed a great honour to be among the 100 individuals who have been selected as the Most Reputable Youths in Ogun State (2020),” he said.

The philanthropist disclosed that there is growth in terms of providing enabling platforms that will see to the emancipation of the people.

“The development strides has just been initiated , we birthed all these initiatives not because we want to be recognized or awarded, this has been our way of life abinitio, it is our passion , everything cannot be left in the hands of the government, we must come together as a people to offer our best in personal capacity in order to ensure and expedite an exponential rise in the development, growth and overall emancipation of our people, our best is yet to come,” Dr Oganla stated.

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He explained, “I am proud to be a Yoruba man and I have never for once wished otherwise. It is a thing of joy and pride for me when people recognize as a Yoruba man even without having to tell them myself. I am a strong believer of never forgetting ones source. My source is Ogun State, therefore I have a sense of duty towards making sure that the offsprings of the state are empowered.”

Dr. Oladimeji asserted that the Yoruba culture is a unique one which must not be allowed to go into extinction.

He added, “If the upcoming generation see how much we value our culture and the love that is shared among us all, it will be difficult for them to let it go into extinction. Therefore, I am urging all offsprings of the Yoruba tribe to join hands together in promoting our culture because it is in unity that we achieve more. ”

Yoruba Council of Youths worldwide (YCYW) is the umbrella body of all Yoruba Youths organizations worldwide, founded by Aare (Barr.) Oladutun Hassan Esq.


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