Fricker (Born Raji Quadri) is a Nigerian street hop fast-rising singer who has a diploma degree from the University of Ilorin. He first gained major attention back in 2009 with his smashing single ‘Ijo’ featuring Lord of Ajasa which gave him a lot of recognition in the streets of Lagos followed by another wave-making single titled ‘Kulujaja’.

In an interview ahead of the release of his new single, Fricker bares his mind on his journey so far and how much his relocation from Nigeria to the United States has impacted his craft and music career as a recording artist and many more. 

What have you been up to since you relocated to the United States?

Well, I didn’t relocate to the United States with a lot of money. So I went straight to work outside the music industry doing CNC when I first got here. Hustling for paychecks.

I worked hard every day with the favor of God and my woman Just to survive. So I would say I’ve been working in silence and hustling.

How much have you been able to settle and start thinking of coming back to do your passion?

Settle? Not as much as I want, I’ve just been thinking most of the time about doing my passion, now that all the bills are getting paid with no stress I think this is the right time.

How has your music changed or evolved since your relocation?

My music hasn’t changed that much. It’s still a fusion of Raggae, Street-hop, and Afrobeats except for maybe a little rap influence in my sound. Rap is big in America and especially in the hip hop community in Georgia, the state where I live.

What should we be expecting from you now that you are fully back to the scene?

A lot of positive and sweet vibes, good music, dope visuals, modeling, acting, and all-round entertainment. My new single ‘Let Me Know’ produced by Puffy Tee  is out on all digital platforms worldwide. Make sure you guys check it out.

Any tour or show coming up?

I have some shows and party tours coming up in Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, California, Louisiana, and Texas after Covid-19. You guys should be on the lookout for dates.

How is your acting career coming up?

Well, I’ve not been doing much, but I’ve been planning my come back with an upcoming show series ‘Lagos to Atlanta’.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the international music scene? 

Well, I’m here now and about to be officially back in the music scene fully. I would love to work with any international or a-list artiste that’s feeling my vibe.


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