Star Models Africa is the fastest rising modeling agency in Africa birthed by Ex Nigerian International Model, Aisha Bello. The aim of the agency is to give back to African models from Miss Bello’s wealth of experience in international modeling and also to help them actualize their dreams.

Star Models Africa hosted the first models gala during the Christmas holidays to celebrate the agency and the models. Since its inception two years ago, Star Models Africa has groomed a total of 45 models and has successfully placed about 32 of them with different international agencies all over the world.

Speaking about starting her agency she shares, ‘ The idea started from when I moved back to start my clothing and farming business. I thought it was also a right time to set up the agency because I always knew I would set up a modeling agency to give opportunities to young girls like I was given an opportunity. It has always been my dream to give such opportunities back to these young girls.’

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Aisha has undoubtedly changed the game and built a work culture for herself filled with rich experiences, life lessons and exemplifying herself to her models. She has worked with Prada, Balmain, Valentino, Gucci, Victoria Beckham and some of her models have been featured on Vogue Portugal, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Arabia, British Vogue, 10 magazine and a lot more.

From recruiting Funke Opakunle at a salon in Ikorodu who later on went to Milan to Adhel Bol from South Sudan who fled violence and now on her first season in Europe to another talent met on her way to Church and now currently works in London. The list is endless in shining the light on the paths of Aisha Bello’s work with her agency and the good fortunes she has yielded for so many across Africa.

As regards her works she mentions, ‘Our team travels to different Africa countries scouting the most beautiful girls. So far we have been to 14 Africa countries and own a portfolio of models from all over Africa.’

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