February 9, 2021

Sisters of Jannah donate to over 1000 Kaduna orphans

Sisters of Jannah donate to over 1000 Kaduna orphans

By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

An NGO, Sisters of Jannah, has donated clothes, food and other items to Unguwan  Miyetti Allah in Rigasa Kaduna, where  orphans, widows and other vulnerable members of the community are in dire need of help.

Speaking to journalists on the occasion ,leader of the women in Kaduna zone, Bilkisu Abdulmumin, said that Sisters of Jannah is a Non Governmental Organization of Muslim sisters who go to where the people are really in need to help.

She said “we help them, with the little we have. We do cancer awareness, we do mop up, we visit orphanage, we visit hospitals, we visit prisons with the little we have. We give those that don’t have, by Almighty Allah’s Rahma ( blessings ).

As the name implies, we are Sisters of Jannah, all women that task ourselves to propagate Islam. May be our husbands help, but we task ourselves, we want to be known maybe government and other corporate bodies will come and assist us .We’ve been in existence for the past 7 years .Since 2017,the Kaduna zone has been doing great.”

According to Bilkisu, apart from being international, the NGO has presence in almost all the 36 states of the federation. She stressed that “we’ve it outside the country in US, in Dubai, in Saudi Arabia and in UK, by Almighty Allah’s Rahma. This is the month of our mop up, the month we go to our various homes to bring what we have that we are not using again but are still very useful, for onward distribution to the needy. So we bind them together and take it to an environment where people are really in need. Most of the times we’ve been going to orphanages, but this time around it is community outreach where we meet the women ,the widows the orphans, and that is why we are here this afternoon.”

She said the motivation is to worship Almighty Allah and to propagate Islam in their own little way.” By His Rahma, He has been our strength, who are we? Alhamdulillah. It’s been lots of challenges but to this extent, we’ve come a long way. We give Almighty Allah the glory. We’ve few of these organizations for Muslims, that is why we want to come out and say the Islam you don’t know, we want you to know what Islam means. Forget about we are in an environment that the Muslims are dominant, they are out there where there is no much Muslims. So by reaching out to the people, they will know what Islam is and this is what Islam teaches according to the Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him.”

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“We would be able to make 100 families happy today in shaa Allah. We would be glad if Government and corporate organizations will come and assist us. Cant you come here and see about 1000 people? They are people in need. We need assistance in order for us to assist other people,” she said.

The Sisters of Jannah, established since 2016.,has  branches in Nigeria and “as we are doing this program here, our branches in other states are also reaching out ,doing it in other their states..our program is unique ..the next program would be the Ramadan project ..last year we did cancer awareness program now we are planning for Ramadan,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of the orphans and other vulnerable persons, the woman leader in the community, Malama A’isha Indo, said the women NGO was the first to come to the Miyetti Allah Ward in Rigasa with such assistance. She thanked them immensely. She said they have been overwhelmed by the increasing number of orphans and other needy in the community, who keep on coming in search of help  either for food ,clothing or Medicare on daily basis.

She said the clothes ,food items and other essentials donated would be distributed judiciously to the orphans and  called on similar organizations to emulate the philanthropic gesture of the Sisters of Jannah  by coming to the community to assist the teeming poor.

Mai Anguwa Ahmed Mu’azu, head of the community, was full of praises for the women who he said, came to the community to assist at the right time.

According to him, the other time such assistance reached his community was when the Rabiatu Islamiya organization from Saudi Arabia came and constructed a borehole in the community which is now  their major sources of portable water.

“We are calling on government and corporate organizations to also, beam their searchlight on our community because we’ve many poor families in need of help,” he pleaded.

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