February 14, 2021

Sandra Idubor’s “Grateful” is a reminder that God is faithful

Sandra Idubor’s “Grateful” is a reminder that God is faithful
Sandra Idubor

Two weeks ago, Sandra Idubor announced to her fans that she will be dropping a new song to thrill their ears. The song which was slated to be released on the 14th of February has finally hit major music platforms.

Sandra, a Nigerian-Canadian celebrity is a maverick when it comes to art. She is a talented musician, songwriter, actress, filmmaker, and dance choreographer. Her latest single is titled Grateful.

Sandra who is adept at composing inspiring gospel songs outdid herself in her latest single. Through the lyrics of the song, she reminds people of the need to thank God always. Grateful talks about the wonderful works of God in the lives of men. Anyone who is a fan of gospel music is bound to love Grateful because it is a song with a great message.

According to many of Sandra’s fans, she didn’t disappoint them in her latest work, with most of them confessing to having listened to the song several times in the past days. A passionate singer, Sandra has released hit singles such as Osamagbe, Osamafiyekegbemwen, and Odiro in the past.

Like most creatives or artists, the inspiration behind the song, Grateful comes from her personal life. Career-wise, she has a lot to be thankful to God for.

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As an artist, Sandra wears many hats. She is the creative director of Ise Theatre Troupe International, a leading theatre company which she founded in 2011. The troupe is active in both Nigeria and Canada. In the past ten years, she has led her team to perform at several social functions in Southern Nigeria and Toronto.

A career humanitarian, Sandra has volunteered for many social causes. Times without number, she has shown that she is passionate about helping people, especially the less privileged in society. It was this passion that led her to set up an NGO called Sandra Idubor Foundation (SIF).

The foundation which is domiciled in Nigeria exists for the sole purpose of alleviating hunger in Nigeria cities and towns.

The amazing exploits of Sandra don’t stop here. She is also a seasoned TV host and produces her own web show called, Sandra Talk Show. The show which has one of the best ratings on Facebook and Instagram has made Sandra an influential figure on social media. This is why many brands in Nigeria and Diaspora have partnered with her to promote their businesses. She was recently made the Brand Ambassador of District FM, one of the leading online radio stations in the world.

With all these lofty achievements under her belt, one can easily understand why Sandra came up with the inspiring song called Grateful. The Almighty has been good to her and she chose to sing of his praises in her mother tongue (Bini).

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“When you thank God for whatever he has done in your life, he will certainly give you more blessings,” said Sandra Idubor “I have seen people complaining that God hasn’t done anything for them and I shake my head in dismay because they have taken God’s blessings for granted. The fact that a person is alive to see a new day is enough reason to give God praise. If you thank God for the little blessings, you will surely receive bigger once.”

Some of Sandra’s fans are already asking for a music video and she has heeded their demand, by promising to shoot one soon. An accomplished filmmaker, it is expected that the music video will surely blow the minds of all her fans when it is released. Having produced many interesting Nollywood movies in the past, it is only understandable that Sandra will come up with one of the best music videos for the year.

Sandra is a gem in the entertainment industry and if you want to find out if this hype is true or not, hurry now to your favorite music streaming platform to listen to Grateful. You will most certainly be blessed. It is a promise.

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